Solving the 'no roads' bug in Pokemon GO

Solving the 'no roads' bug in Pokemon GO
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31st Aug 2023 10:38

The Pokemon GO no roads bug can be an annoying issue that has popped up occasionally over the years, but now more players are once again searching for how to stop their map not loading. Although more of a visual issue, since the lack of roads doesn't stop Pokemon from spawning and PokeStops appearing, it does give the game more of a barren look as you're exploring. 

So, let's get into how to fix the Pokemon GO no roads bug, telling you all you need to know about stopping your game map not loading properly. 

How to fix the Pokemon GO no roads/map not loading bug

Below, you'll find the full list of every fix to solve the Pokemon GO roads bug - the most common solution being to simply update your game in order to prevent your map not loading.

A standard Pokemon GO map, not affected by the no roads issue
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After experiencing the issue ourselves, reloading Pokemon GO after updating the app to its latest version resolved the no roads issue.

However, in the event that the issue persists following an update, there are a few other quick fixes you can try as well: 

  • Update Pokemon GO - via the iOS or Google Play store depending on your device
  • Clear the cache and data - found in your device's application manager in the Settings menu
  • Close all other background apps - then restart the game as normal
  • Initiate a forced shutdown of the app - also found via the application manager in the Settings menu

If none of the above solutions work, you should visit Niantic's Pokemon GO Help Center to report the bug and/or contact them directly; the options for both are in the top-right of the landing page.

On the other hand, Niantic is usually quite quick in resolving urgent Pokemon GO issues affecting the game. If the latest update still hasn't fixed the map not loading for some players, the team will most likely be working on the next patch to do so. 

With that, you are now equipped with everything to know about how to fix the Pokemon GO no roads bug, helping you solve your map not loading. For more solutions, be sure to also check out how to fix the Pokemon GO Plus + not auto-catching.

For even more Pokemon GO guides, you can be sure to find them right here at GGRecon. 

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