How To Get Mewtwo In Pokemon GO: Best Moveset, Weakness, And Counters

How To Get Mewtwo In Pokemon GO: Best Moveset, Weakness, And Counters
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Not sure how to get Mewtwo in Pokemon GO or want to know the best Mewtwo moveset, weaknesses, and counters? Then you've come to the right place. This iconic Pokemon is a tricky beast to take down and one of the rarest pocket monsters in Pokemon GO, but we've got everything you need to know. Whether you want to know how to get Mewtwo, you want to use some TMs on the best Mewtwo moveset, or you need the best Mewtwo counters, make this your one-stop Mewtwo shop.

How To Get Mewtwo In Pokemon GO

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In Pokemon GO, there are a few ways to catch a Mewtwo. One involves defeating Team Rocket Leader Giovanni, and one involves fighting Mewtwo in the toughest raids.

The first, and easier, method of catching a Mewtwo is by fighting and defeating Giovanni. He’s the slimy leader of Team GO Rocket, and he’s got some real firepower at his disposal. Annoyingly, he’s quite hard to locate in the first place. He’ll only appear once you’ve completed the ‘Looming in the Shadows’ research tasks, which involve beating plenty of Rocket Grunts, as well as the three other leaders: Cliff, Sierra, and Arlo.

Need help taking down the aforementioned Team Rocket leaders? Check out these guides:

Once they’re dispatched of, Giovanni will be your next opponent when locating Team GO Rocket grunts. His lineup is especially difficult, starting with a high-power Persian and following it up with a frequently-rotated roster of tough Pokemon. It’s a tough battle, but once you managed to do it—which could include plenty of retries—you’ll get a chance to catch Mewtwo. This is the Shadow variant of Mewtwo, though, meaning its CP will be reduced unless you choose to purify it. The problem is that Giovanni doesn't always have Mewtwo available - it often gets replaced with other legendary Pokemon, so make sure you do some research first.

The other, and much more reliable, method is through level five raids. Like Giovanni though, level five raid bosses will rotate frequently, so you need to check to ensure Mewtwo is actually a raid boss at any given time. Mewtwo does often appear during special events like the annual Pokemon GO Fest though, so if worst comes to worst, you can wait until the next one of those.

When you've found a Mewtwo raid, you’ll need to work alongside other trainers to tackle the iconic legendary. Unsurprisingly, it’s a very difficult undertaking, but success will grant you a Mewtwo to try and catch.

Pokemon GO Mewtwo Counters And Weaknesses 

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If you’re in a Mewtwo Raid, you’ll want to know which Pokemon have the best chance of taking it down. As a Psychic type Pokemon, going for Bug, Dark and Ghost type Pokemon will give you those Super Effective bonuses. Below is a list of Pokemon who’ll perform very well against Mewtwo:

  • Giratina
  • Darkrai
  • Chandelure
  • Weavile
  • Hydreigon

As these are all quite rare Pokemon, you might have to rely on solid, common Bug, Dark and Ghost Pokemon instead. We recommend using Pokemon like Gengar, Mega Beedrill and Honchkrow, which are much more accessible.

If you’re undertaking the rare Mewtwo raids, then it’s really important you get your type choices right. The aforementioned counters will help ensure you’re doing as much damage as you can. In a raid as rare and difficult as Mewtwo, you’ll need all the counters you can get.

Best Pokemon GO Mewtwo Movesets

If you’ve managed to execute these counters and you’ve got yourself a Mewtwo, you’ll want to know which moves work best. Firstly, a lot of this will depend on how strong your Mewtwo is. You can find this out by selecting ‘Appraise’, following which your Team Leader will give you a Star Rating. The higher the rating, the stronger your Mewtwo will be in battle.

Out of all the possible movesets, there are three that’ll prove most effective. First is having Confusion as your quick attack, and Psystrike as your charged attack. That’ll do 18.84 damage per second (DPS), and on average, 842 total damage throughout a fight (TDO).

The next two combinations are slightly less effective, but will still provide a strong attack. If you have Psycho Cut as your quick attack and Psystrike once again as your charged attack, you’ll deal a respectable 18.20 DPS, and a slightly lower 813.50 TDO. However, this combination is over 2 seconds quicker to execute than the first moveset, so if speed is your thing, this is worth considering.

Lastly, you can team up the reliable Confusion quick attack with the Psychic charged attack. Damage is slightly lower at 18.16 DPS, and again lower at 811.53 TDO. The time per attack is also slower than the previous option – but this is a reliable alternative.

Pokemon GO Shiny Mewtwo Explained

While it doesn’t have any bearing on stats or performance, the chances are you’ll want one of the ultra-rare Shiny Mewtwos. As the name suggests, these are very hard to come by, and they’ll only crop up in five-star Raids. The last time Shiny Mewtwo appeared in Raids was during Pokemon GO Fest, where it cropped up for just one week.

With raids, you don’t know if the Pokemon you’re battling is Shiny or not until you’ve defeated it, and are about to catch it. Therefore, getting a Shiny Mewtwo is very much down to luck. If you get it though, there will be a piece of Pokemon GO history in your Pokedex. Legendary Pokemon in raids have a 1/20 chance to be shiny, so if you don't get it right away, the odds are in your favour to nab one before too long.

There it is, everything you need to know about Mewtwo in Pokemon GO. Be sure to check out our other Pokemon GO guides below:

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