Pokemon TCG Shrouded Fable release date, cards & products

Pokemon TCG Shrouded Fable release date, cards & products
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17th May 2024 17:25

A new Pokemon TCG expansion called Shrouded Fable has been revealed, shining a spotlight on the Mythical Pecharunt and the Loyal Three Legendaries.

Following on from the Twilight Masquerade expansion, it's time for another special expansion to bridge the gap between mainline sets. Shrouded Fable is set to cast a shadow over the Kitakami region with Pokemon like Okidogi, Munkidori, and Fezandipiti appearing as powerful ex cards.

When is Shrouded Fable released?

The Shrouded Fable special expansion will be released on Friday, August 2, 2024.

This first wave of products will include the Elite Trainer Box, two Special Illustration Collections, one Illustration Collection, five Mini Tins, and 3-Booster Pack Blisters.

Later, from Friday, September 6, 2024, you'll also be able to pick up Shrouded Fable Booster Bundles containing six Booster Packs each.

Fezandipiti in the Shrouded Fable expansion
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How many cards will be in Shrouded Fable?

It's been confirmed that there will be over 95 cards in the Shrouded Fable expansion.

The actual number of cards will likely be much higher than this, though, as there will also be 15 Illustration Rares, 10 Ultra Rares, 5 Special Illustration Rares, and 5 Hyper Rare golden-etched cards in the expansion.

Still, this is far smaller than sets like Obsidian Flames and Paldea Evolved. That's because Shrouded Fable is classed as a special expansion, which often varies in size and theming from the mainline expansions.

Card highlights from the new Pokemon TCG expansion

Greninja and Pecharunt cards in the Shrouded Fable expansion
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Cards confirmed for the Shrouded Fable expansion so far include:

  • Pecharunt ex
  • Okidogi ex
  • Munkidori ex
  • Fezandipiti ex
  • Kingambit (Illustration Rare promo)
  • Kingdra ex (Special Illustration Rare promo)
  • Greninja ex (Special Illustration Rare promo)
  • Pecharunt (promo)
  • Pawniard (promo)
  • Bisharp (promo)
  • Horsea (promo)
  • Seadra (promo)
  • Froakie (promo)
  • Frogadier (promo)

While we don't know much about other specific cards in the set right now, it's been confirmed that there will be three ACE SPEC rare Trainer cards, five Pokemon ex cards, and one Tera Pokemon ex card featured.

Pecharunt ex is the star of the show in this expansion, with the ability Subjugating Chains letting players switch in a benched Darkness-type Pokemon, such as the new Okidogi ex, Mukidori ex, or Fezandipit ex cards.

It's also been revealed that parallel foils (commonly known among fans as reverse holos) will have "a new, unique foil pattern surrounding the card artwork" which I can't wait to see.

All Shrouded Fable products so far

The following products have been confirmed for the Pokemon TCG Shrouded Fable expansion:

  • Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Box (includes 11 Booster Packs)
  • Elite Trainer Box (includes 9 Booster Packs)
  • Booster Bundle (includes 6 Booster Packs)
  • Kingambit Illustration Collection (includes four Booster Packs)
  • Kingdra ex Special Illustration Collection (includes five Booster Packs)
  • Greninja ex Special Illustration Collection (includes five Booster Packs)
  • 3-Pack Blister (includes 3 Booster Packs)

There are no Booster Boxes available for Shrouded Fable - which is typical for special expansions - but there will be Booster Bundles which are the best option for collectors who want to open as many packs as possible.

I'll be picking up the Elite Trainer Box, as even though it's not as cheap per pack, I always enjoy the excitement of opening all the extras inside and having the display box to keep my cards safe in.

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That's everything we know about the Shrouded Fable expansion right now! Visit our Pokemon homepage for the latest news, or check out the rarest cards in sets like Pokemon 151 and Temporal Forces.

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