NBA 2K24 MyCareer new features: The Neighborhood and The City explained

NBA 2K24 MyCareer new features: The Neighborhood and The City explained
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Morgan Truder


1st Sep 2023 17:00


If you're excited about NBA 2K24's MyCareer mode and want a rundown of all the MyCareer new features, stay tuned and we'll go through what you can expect with The Neighborhood and The City explained.

The dream in any sports game is to go from the bottom and reach the very, very top. In NBA 2K24’s MyCareer, you can do just that and after the recent reveal, we now know exactly what to expect from this mode on release.

The game first introduced this mode in 2009, iterating and expanding on it every year since. Now, as we approach NBA 2K24, we are expecting a definitive experience.

So, here is everything we know so far about MyCareer in NBA 2K24 before its release.

What is NBA 2K24 MyCareer Neighborhood?

One of the biggest additions to NBA 2K24 MyCareer will be the Neighborhood rebuild for previous-gen consoles (PS4/Xbox One) and PC. Here you will be able to play quick matches, 3v3, earn money and more.

The revamped Neighborhood can be seen in the trailer above and shows off state-of-the-art facilities, gyms and a court with a view of the ocean adorned with a Yacht - just to let you know you have really made it.

What is NBA 2K24 The City in MyCareer?

If you’re on the current generation of consoles (PS5/Xbox Series X|S) then you will have The City to explore, instead of the Neighborhood.

This Miami-style beach will be a place for you to hang out with your MyCareer player and take part in different activities like Streetball and other match types. You can check it out in the trailer above that really shows off the new setting, and what you will be getting up to. 

How has MyCareer been streamlined in NBA 2K24?

Image of the Rec in NBA 2K24
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The VP of NBA Development at Visual Concepts, Erick Boenisch stated that “MyCAREER in NBA 2K24 is streamlined to give greater focus on what matters most – proving yourself on the court.” - but what does it actually mean?

Well, this time around you will begin your journey as one of the hottest prospects in the sport and gradually grow from there, in the hope of becoming the very best.

Another change lets you only play the Key Games if you choose to. By opting into this, you will only need to play the huge career moments and matches. In order to maintain your performance, your rating will be an aggregate from how they perform in the games you actually play - so you won’t have to worry about a dip in form.

There have also been plenty of new side quests introduced for you to partake in, and these will be situated in The City section of the mode.

That is all you need to know about everything new coming to MyCareer, which has a newfound focus on the game of basketball. For everything else, check out our NBA 2K24 homepage.

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