NBA 2K24 best Center build for MyPlayer & The City

NBA 2K24 best Center build for MyPlayer & The City
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Lloyd Coombes


9th Sep 2023 17:48

The best NBA 2K24 Center builds are a crucial part of any team in any mode because they work to recycle possession through rebounds at both ends, both through athletic ability and pure height.

They also work to open up playmaking opportunities, and our pick for the best NBA 2K24 Center build is pretty pacy, and with great shooting stats - perfect for the game's The City or MyPlayer modes.

So if you're looking to hook those rebounds and keep the offense flowing, here's our pick for the best Center build in NBA 2K24.

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The best Center build in NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24 Best Center build stats
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For the best Center build you can run in NBA 2K24, we've opted for a 7-foot-1 Center with a surprising turn of pace, plenty of ankle-breaker dribbling potential, and more.

It's a jack-of-all-trades that'll let you seamlessly transition from attack to defence, and back again as the situation calls for it - and score some delicious shots, too.

With the Gold Post Fade Phenom and Dropstepper traits, this build is a beast on either post.

NBA 2K24 Center build attributes

Body attributes:

  • Height: 7'1"
  • Weight: 231lbs
  • Wingspan: 7'6"

Skill attributes:


Attribute Value
Close Shot 77
Driving Layup 76
Driving Dunk 80
Standing Dunk 75
Post Control 85

This NBA 2K24 Center build starts from a big physical presence that it's almost inevitable that you're going to power through contact dunks without breaking a sweat.


Attribute Value
Mid-Range Shot 86
Three-Point Shot 80
Free Throw 63

The shooting potential on offer here makes this NBA 2K24 Center build a versatile shooter from just about anywhere.


Attribute Value
Pass Accuracy 75
Ball Handle 63
Speed with Ball 56

These stats look fairly low, but they're still nicely well-rounded within all game modes.


Attribute Value
Interior Defense 77
Perimeter Defense 66
Steal 60
Block 92
Offensive Rebound 62
Defensive Rebound 92

As you can see, these stats make this Center tough to beat on defensive rebounds for recycling the ball, as well as for blocking - leading to those highlight reel shutdowns. The Gold Anchor perk helps with shutting attacks down, too.


Attribute Value
Speed 64
Acceleration 57
Strength 84
Vertical 75
Stamina 98

These stats mean that this NBA 2K24 Point Guard build can block off attacks and transition quickly.

Shades of best NBA 2K24 Center build
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The end result is a Center that can block, defend, shoot, and dunk. Expect shades of the 76'ers' Joel Embiid, Spurs' Victor Wembanyama, or Kings' DeMarcus Cousins.

While we're confident in this 3-Level Threat, we'll be sure to update this guide if better NBA 2K24 Center builds emerge as the meta shifts.

So that's everything you need to know about building the best Center in NBA 2K24.

For more on NBA 2K24 build guides, be sure to check out our NBA 2K homepage, or a rundown of the best builds for Power Forward, Point Guard, Small Forward, and Shooting Guards.

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