NBA 2K24 The W: Pick-up games, rewards & more explained

NBA 2K24 The W: Pick-up games, rewards & more explained
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Morgan Truder


4th Sep 2023 15:49

NBA 2K24 is nearly here and The W has even more features than before, with pick-up games, rewards, and more available. Not only are we going to dive into the new features of the game mode, as well as the rewards on offer in the mode.

The W is part of the MyPlayer career mode in the game, and allows players to become rising stars within the WNBA. You will try to become one of the all-time greats of the sport and hopefully win some championships along the way.

As always with pre-existing modes the additions are often iterative, however, The W is relatively new after being first introduced in 2K21. So we are still seeing big changes as the mode is refined. 

So, continue reading below to find out everything you need to know about The W in NBA 2K24.

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The introduction of Pick-up games in The W

NBA 2K24 the W homesecreen
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Now, when you are not playing competitive matches during The W, you can go for some pick-up games of 3v3 on the courts. You can play against WNBA legends and star players from the game, and these games will offer different rewards and perks that you can earn, enhancing the overall experience.

Rewards in The W

Background choices in The W game mode
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Whilst playing The W you will have the opportunity to earn a variety of rewards. Outside of the accolades you may earn for winning, there will also be opportunities to earn new skins and perks, and even be called up to compete in the All-Star Game. Even more rewards are mentioned on the 2K website, so we can’t wait to see what more could be on offer.

The W allows you to carve out your own legend in the women’s game making it one of the best game modes released in recent years. Now you have everything you need to know, so you can be prepared for the release.

If you would like to see even more of what MyCareer has to offer this year, then you can check out our guide here. For everything else, check out our NBA 2K24 homepage.

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