NBA 2K24 best Shooting Guard build for MyPlayer & The City

NBA 2K24 best Shooting Guard build for MyPlayer & The City
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Lloyd Coombes


10th Sep 2023 09:51

The best NBA 2K24 Shooting Guard build has the luxury of guaranteeing points in a match - whether that's through superb shooting, dunking potential, and the ability to stop an opposition attack in its tracks and move quickly up the court.

Taking cues from the one and only Michael Jordan, with a dash of cover star Kobe Bryant, our best NBA 2K24 Shooting Guard build is an all-rounder that'll leave defences trailing in your wake.

So if you're looking to dominate in the game, here's our best Shooting Guard build for NBA 2K24.

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The best Shooting Guard build in NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24 Best Shooting Guard Build Stats
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For our best NBA 2K24 Shooting Guard build, we've put together a player that's always on the front foot, either ready to steal the ball, or to score points - often within seconds of each other.

With 88 speed and 80 acceleration, this Shooting Guard build is relatively rapid, and a 96-rated Three-Point Shot means buckets for days.

NBA 2K24 Shooting Guard build attributes

Body attributes:

  • Height: 6'5"
  • Weight: 206lbs
  • Wingspan: 6'7"

Skill attributes:


Attribute Value
Close Shot 55
Driving Layup 80
Driving Dunk 75

Expect this Shooting Guard to consistently score within the interior, with a solid driving dunk rating helping finish of those rapid counterattacks.


Attribute Value
Mid-Range Shot 81
Three-Point Shot 96
Free Throw 80

Consistent three-pointers are ideal for when pace won't cut it, and mid-range helps when just inside the area, too.


Attribute Value
Pass Accuracy 75
Ball Handle 42
Speed with Ball 38

We know, these stats seem low, but they're surprisingly well-balanced when considering how this NBA 2K24 Shooting Guard plays across multiple modes.


Attribute Value
Interior Defense 34
Perimeter Defense 94
Steal 91
Defensive Rebound 49

This build locks down the perimeter, and quick hands allow for steals to break up opposition attacks to allow for turnovers.


Attribute Value
Speed 88
Acceleration 80
Strength 73
Vertical 60
Stamina 99

Expect to move quickly across the court with these stats, while the Strength stat means this NBA 2K24 Shooting Guard build can hold off a challenge or two, as well.

Shades of best NBA 2K24 Shooting Guard
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After all of that, you should end up with a Shooting Guard with shades of Clippers' J.J. Redick, Lakers' Austin Reaves, or Nets' Mikal Bridges.

While we're confident in this 3&D Two Guard, we'll be sure to update this guide if better NBA 2K24 Shooting Guard builds emerge as the meta shifts.

So that's everything you need to know about building the best Shooting Guard in NBA 2K24.

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