MW2: Valderas Museum Map Guide

MW2: Valderas Museum Map Guide
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Chris Penwell


26th Sep 2022 11:33

Modern Warfare 2 brings players to a glorious historical Valderas Museum that will soon be in chaos as bullets fly. Wider than most other maps in the game, this level provides many strategic vantage points that you should know. Here's how to protect every area of the Modern Warfare 2 Valderas Museum in Domination and other modes.

Protecting The Points In MW2 Valderas Museum

Point A Valderas Museum Call of Duty MW2
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If you want to protect Point A in Domination, you'd best get a mid to long-range weapon like an assault rifle with steady aim and a fitting scope or a full-on sniper. However, you'll likely want a short-ranged sidearm as well just in case. There are four different exits, and one of the easiest ways to scout the area is by going up the staircase and sticking in the doorway. It is far more difficult to access that doorway than the others, and you can overlook one long hallway up the museum with a sniper or other long-ranged tool. This spot is so effective that we were able to fool two people at once who didn't even look up the staircase. It's not an obvious spot to stay around. 

Point B Valderas Museum Call of Duty MW2
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B is much more problematic than the other two. It's in an open space around the middle of the map. As you reach the point, watch out for mines as they're commonly placed in this section. There aren't that many spots to help protect this point, but we recommend shifting from area to area in intervals. One of the best temporary spots is beside the main stage, where a piano waits to be played. Go down the path and on the right, you'll see a stack of cases that you can climb onto. Get on top and reach the edge of the precipice for a nice view of the B flag. As there's no cover, however, don't linger for too long. You've got to keep moving.


Point C is one of the easiest spots to defend in the Valderas Museum; that's if you keep the doors closed, however. Just like a game of Call of Duty: Warzonekeep every door shut, so you can hear your opponents surging inside. If you have a great headset, you should hear the pitter-patter of feet sprinting in the distance.

Point C Valderas Museum Call of Duty MW2
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There are multiple positions you should switch between while you're in the room. The first is looking out into the Entrance Hall on the left side. Many foes will show up at the opposite doorway. We were able to take out foes easily by using an assault rifle or a sniper from this angle. You can also use the desk in front of the North Gallery as cover, but we didn't need it in our gameplay so far. We also like to crouch behind the glass display while we're in this location to defend us from possible incoming fire from the left side.

The doorway facing north is rarely used, but once again keep it closed, so you can hear a potential trespasser barging in. Lastly, there's the doorway facing south and the cafe area. Mount yourself to a wall near the doorway to get an angled shot on your opponent. 

Best Weapons At Valderas Museum

556 Icarus Call of Duty MW2
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Valderas Museum is not kind to those who like short-range weapons as there are many areas that are open spaced like the garden on the side of the map and the area where the fountain is located. Every Domination landmark each has a long-ranged hallway nearby as well. We'd recommend taking out a mid-ranged assault rifle, so you can push objectives in the rare short-ranged encounter and eliminate your competition from far away.

An M4 with the Corio Precio Factory stock should give you increased stability with longer-ranged shots, and a Hybrid Firepoint optic would be a fantastic scope to place on.

An LMG like the 556 Icarus should be great in Valderas Museum too but make sure there's enough stability and handling for you to remove as many soldiers from the other side as possible.

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