Modern Warfare 2 split-screen: Is there local multiplayer in MW2?

Modern Warfare 2 split-screen: Is there local multiplayer in MW2?
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10th May 2023 09:43


If you're looking to play Modern Warfare 2 split-screen with friends in couch co-op, you'll first need to know if MW2 even has these local multiplayer capabilities - so read on for all the latest details.

Sadly, now that online gaming is so popular, it feels as though playing games in split-screen co-op is something from a bygone age. Once upon a time, every multiplayer game would come with split-screen out of the box, but over the last few years, it has become increasingly rare. So, here's everything there is to know about MW2's split-screen multiplayer in the game.

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Is there split-screen in MW2? 

This is the good news, because yes, Modern Warfare 2 does have a split-screen mode for players to enjoy in local multiplayer. 

If you're wondering about how to enable split-screen, so you can successfully play with a pal, then be sure to check out the rest of the guide below. 

How to enable split-screen in MW2

You will need two controllers to utilise split-screen capabilities in Modern Warfare 2. However, it is worth noting that only consoles support split-screen, meaning PC players are unable to take advantage of this feature.

To quickly set up split-screen, you'll first need to make sure both players have an Activision account. Next, , after loading up MW2, follow these quick and easy steps:

  • Turn on both controllers and proceed to the Main Menu.
  • Look at the button prompt in the top-right corner of the screen which will tell you what to press on the second controller.
  • Press the applicable button and log into the second Activision account.
  • You are now able to jump into split-screen

After this, you will be able to easily jump into online matches and enjoy Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer. While the campaign and co-op are currently not supported, a raid mode is confirmed to be coming in a future update, which could implement new ways to play split-screen, so watch this space!

Which modes support split-screen in MW2?

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Firstly, there are a few things to note regarding the split-screen in Modern Warfare 2. Both the campaign and the co-op game mode are locked out of split-screen. Instead, players will only be able to access it by playing in online multiplayer matches. Additionally, as mentioned in the previous section, the second player will also need to have an Activision account to be able to access split-screen.

Most of the multiplayer modes in MW2 are available for split-screen players to play, aside from two: 3rd Person Moshpit and Prisoner Rescue. Here is a confirmed list of every mode playable in Modern Warfare 2’s split-screen:

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Free-For-All
  • Domination
  • Search & Destroy
  • Headquarters
  • Kill Confirmed
  • Hardpoint
  • Knock Out
  • Ground War
  • Invasion

That's everything you need to know about split-screen capabilities for local multiplayer in MW2. Be sure to check out our Modern Warfare 2 homepage for all of the latest news and guides. Alternatively, check out how to find Smuggling Tunnels in MW2's DMZ mode.

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