Where to find Smuggling Tunnels in MW2 DMZ

Where to find Smuggling Tunnels in MW2 DMZ
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4th May 2023 15:45

Knowing where to find Smuggling Tunnels in DMZ is a key part of a tier two White Lotus mission in Modern Warfare 2, where you'll need to locate the tunnels, recon them with cameras, and extract all in one deployment.

Back in Season 2, Modern Warfare 2's DMZ mode saw some new additions, allowing players to play the mode on the brand-new Warzone map, while also being able to take part in a series of new missions for the various factions.

One of these additions is Smuggling Tunnels, so if you're jumping back into the game and want to start earning your rewards, check out where to find them in MW2 DMZ.

Smuggling Tunnels in MW2 DMZ explained

A screenshot of an entrance to a Smuggling Tunnel in MW2 DMZ
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The mission to find the Smuggling Tunnels in MW2 DMZ is appropriately named Smuggling Tunnels, and is a tier two mission for the White Lotus faction.

There are three main goals for this mission: find the Smuggling Tunnels, place Tactical Cameras watching two of the entrances, and then extract.

NOTE: Before deploying for this mission, make sure to bring some Tactical Cameras along with you.

Where to find Smuggling Tunnels in MW2 DMZ

Map showing two locations for Smuggling Tunnels in MW2 DMZ
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There are a few different entrances to the Smuggling Tunnels in DMZ, the locations of which are found right in the middle of nowhere. This means that they can be difficult to locate, so check out the map above for two of their locations.

  • For the first entrance (marked '1' on the above map) proceed to the area within the red circle, and you'll come across some gates that have been blown open. These should be quite easy to spot, too, as they are the only notable landmark here against the open desert. 
  • For the second entrance, head to the second red circle, and you should find a well between some walls. To gain access, you can either parachute down the well or use the rope to get down. 

How to complete Smuggling Tunnels

A tactical camera in MW2 DMZ
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Once you've arrived at any of the Smuggling Tunnel entrances, you'll have checked off the first mission objective - so that's that out of the way. Next, you'll need to head inside and clear the tunnels as much as you can. If you didn't bring any Tactical Cameras on the mission, don't worry, as you're able to find some located within the tunnels if you scour around. 

  • For the second objective, you will want to use the cameras to watch two of the entrances. To do this, place the cameras just inside the tunnel entrance, and make sure it's watching the entrance itself. Note that if you place these incorrectly, you cannot pick them back up.
  • Repeat for the second entrance, and this second objective will be complete.

Finally, you'll now need to proceed to any extraction point and safely get out, completing the mission and giving you your well-earned rewards.

That's all for our walkthrough of where to find the Smuggling Tunnels in MW2 DMZ, and now you know exactly how to locate these well-hidden tunnels. Looking for the best weapons to look out for in the DMZ - be sure to check out our list of the best Warzone 2 weapons.

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