MW2 Season 1 Battle Pass: Everything We Know

MW2 Season 1 Battle Pass: Everything We Know
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Tarran Stockton


15th Nov 2022 13:48

You may want to learn about the MW2 Season 1 battle pass to understand exactly how it works, and what kind of rewards you can earn from playing the game. The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 battle pass is set to be launched on November 17, giving players the chance to earn tonnes of different rewards for both games. So, check out our breakdown and explanation of the MW2 Season 1 battle pass. 

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MW2 Season 1 Battle Pass

A trailer for the MW2 Season 1 battle pass was posted early on the Call of Duty Australia social channels, revealing a tonne of information on how the system works, and what kinds of rewards you can earn. 

The battle pass has changed a lot this time around and is no longer a linear system of progression. Instead, it's been replaced with a combat map broken down into 20 sectors, along with a bonus section and one that marks your overall progress. This allows you to choose your own path through the combat map, selecting the rewards you want in the order you want. 

To earn rewards, you will need to play the game and unlock battle pass tier skips. These can then be used to unlock a reward from a sector on the map. Each sector has a total of five rewards that can be earned, and finishing a sector allows you to unlock new ones. Finishing all the sectors will let you continue to earn bonus rewards until the end of the season. 

Purchasing the premium battle pass will allow you to unlock over 100 rewards, including new Operators, weapon blueprints, and a total of 1400 CP. 

That's all for our explanation of the MW2 Season 1 battle pass, and now you know how the new system works, along with some of the key rewards. 

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