Warzone 2 Nuke: How To Get

Warzone 2 Nuke: How To Get
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Tarran Stockton


10th Nov 2022 15:29

As Warzone 2 comes closer to release, we are starting to learn more and more about the game, and now according to leaks, it may be possible to earn a nuke during a game. Warzone 2 is the upcoming sequel to the popular Call of Duty battle royale which released back in 2020 during the wave of multiplayer BRs. While it's mostly the same as the previous Warzone there are a few major changes and new additions, so check out what we know about the Warzone 2 nuke so far. 

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Warzone 2 Nuke: How To Get

As the game isn't set to release until November 16, we don't know how to get the Warzone 2 nuke yet, but according to popular COD content creator ModernWarzone on Twitter, it's entirely possible. In a tweet, they state, "You can nuke the entire battle royale map in Warzone 2." Responding to the original tweet, they also state, "It's not based off of going on a high kill streak. We were told it's a special contract that doesn't spawn every game and is extremely difficult to complete."

We have no idea what the criteria you will need to meet are for calling in the nuke, but the tweets do explicitly state it will be very difficult to call in. We'll make sure to update this section once we have a concrete idea of how to get a nuke in Warzone 2

The original Warzone was also set to feature a nuke until it was cut sometime during development. Back during launch, leakers and dataminers also found strings in the game's files which pointed toward its existence, but it looks like Activision recycled this concept for the sequel. 

That's all for our explainer of how to get a nuke in Warzone 2, and make sure to check back after launch when we update this guide with the correct information. 

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