When did ranked play launch for MW2?

When did ranked play launch for MW2?
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12th Oct 2023 12:29

MW2 ranked play was not a launch feature of the game, but it did arrive eventually. Modern Warfare 2 is now out and many of the modes are present and accounted for.

Ranked did not come to the game for a good while, but fans were pleased to welcome it a short time after the launch of Modern Warfare 2. Here's everything you need to know about when ranked play finally came to MW2.

When did MW2 ranked play arrive in the game?

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MW2 players had to wait a fair while for the ranked play mode to launch in Modern Warfare 2, as it didn't arrive until Season 2. For reference, that was 15 February 2023, a whole three months after Modern Warfare 2 originally launched.

That said, Call of Duty fans did enjoy the mode once it launched, with plenty of classes emerging from the meta to help them earn more SR as quickly as possible.

What is ranked mode in MW2?

Ranked play is a more intensive and competitive part of the game, designed to give the most competitive players somewhere to compete and earn ranks. Ranked play has been a part of the Call of Duty series for years, and a fan-favourite feature of MW2. 

The MW2 ranked mode had Treyarch leading development on it, and works similarly to how CDL matches are played. That means four-player teams, objective game modes, and limits on your available weapons and equipment.

That is it for everything you need to know about when ranked play launched in Modern Warfare 2. For more on the game, check out our guide to the best M4 loadout in MW2.

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