MW2 Platinum Challenge Bugged: Can You Fix?

MW2 Platinum Challenge Bugged: Can You Fix?
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Tarran Stockton


18th Nov 2022 16:16

You may have noticed that the MW2 platinum challenge is bugged, which is stopping people from meeting the criteria they need to unlock the exclusive platinum skins for weapons. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 has just launched, but it also seems to have introduced some new bugs and issues into the game. Warzone 2 in particular is suffering from a multitude of these issues, but MW2 isn't safe either. 

MW2 Platinum Challenge Bugged: Can You Fix?

MW2 Platinum Challenge Bugged
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It seems the MW2 platinum challenge bug was introduced during the patch for Season 1, as players who had made a lot of progress toward finishing the challenges had it all reset.

To get the platinum skins, you need to finish all of the gold camouflage challenges and then start doing the platinum challenges, which is a time-consuming process that requires you to play lots of games. Some users have found their gold challenge progress to be reset as well, pushing them further away from earning the platinum skins. 

While Activision will be working on a fix for this issue as you read this, you may not want to wait an unknown amount of time. However, the only solution to the MW2 platinum challenge bug seems to be repeating the challenges all over again.

There's no news either on whether Activision can restore the lost progress or just fix the bug from happening again in the future. Sadly, this means you may just need to go through all the challenges again to earn the platinum camouflage. 

That's all for our coverage of the MW2 platinum challenge bug, and now you know that the only way to fix the issue is by going through the process again and completing all the challenges. 

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