VALORANT To Warzone 2 Sensitivity: How To Convert

VALORANT To Warzone 2 Sensitivity: How To Convert
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18th Nov 2022 13:17

You may want to know how to convert your VALORANT sensitivity to Warzone 2, so you can use mouse settings that are more suited to what you are used to. If you're looking for something a little different to tactical shooters like VALORANT and want something more arcadey, Warzone 2 has just released, providing a much different FPS experience. Check out our VALORANT to Warzone 2 sensitivity guide, so you can have a sensitivity that's comfortable for you from the get-go. 

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VALORANT To Warzone 2 Sensitivity: How To Convert

VALORANT To Warzone 2 Sensitivity
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It's worth noting that mouse sensitivity works differently in every game, so converting your VALORANT sensitivity to Warzone 2 may not give you the optimal one for your hardware and preferences. However, it does provide a good baseline to work from by using a sensitivity you are already comfortable with. VALORANT and Warzone 2 also play very differently, with the similarities ending after the first-person comparison, so you may want a higher sensitivity in one game, and vice versa. 

Luckily, there is a super simple process for converting your sensitivity from one game to the other, which we'll run through below:

  • Head to the AimLab mouse sensitivity converter website. 
  • Select VALORANT from the 'convert from' drop-down menu.
  • Select Call of Duty Warzone from the 'convert to' drop-down.
  • It will then perform some calculations and convert the sensitivity for you.
  • Go into Warzone 2, apply the sensitivity in the options menu, and test it out. 

You may want to stick with the sensitivity that it gives you, or test it out and tweak it from there, but regardless, it should be much more comfortable for you. 

That's all for our explainer of how to convert VALORANT sensitivity to Warzone 2, and now you should be able to improve your Warzone performance with a more comfortable mouse sensitivity. 

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