How to Get Dual Pistols in MW2

How to Get Dual Pistols in MW2
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Harry Boulton


16th Jan 2023 12:36

If you've been killed by the sidearm barrage recently, you might be wondering how to get dual pistols in MW2 to join the party. While on their own they are fairly weak, akimbo sidearms are surprisingly very strong in Modern Warfare 2 - especially if you favour an aggressive playstyle.  So, make sure to read the rest of this guide to find out how to get dual pistols in MW2, as we have all the information waiting for you.

How to Get Dual Pistols in MW2

MW2 P890 upgrade path
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In order to get dual pistols in MW2, you will need to level up each sidearm enough to unlock the 'attachment'. Unlocking one unfortunately does not mean unlocking them all, so you will need to grind it out if you wish to try the full repertoire of dualie options.

Here are the level requirements you'll need to meet in order to unlock akimbo for each pistol:

  • .50 GS: Weapon Level 17
  • Basilisk: Weapon Level 28
  • P890: Weapon Level 26
  • X12: Weapon Level 19
  • X13: X12 Weapon Level 19

As you can see, you will have to do some fairly heavy grinding in order to get access to dual wielding on the pistols, especially if it's the Basilisk or P890 that you're after. Check out below for some tips on making this grind as painless as possible though.

How to Quickly Level Up Pistols in MW2

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While it is going to be a pain regardless of how you approach it, there are two routes that you can go down that make the process a whole lot easier. The first way that makes levelling up your pistols a lot easier is fairly self-explanatory, and that is by using Double Weapon XP tokens. While these are in finite supply, if you've got them lying around and feel like this is worth it, then by all means use them to help you with this.

The other main thing you can do is play the MW2 DMZ game mode. While in theory it is slower than standard multiplayer and Warzone, the abundance of AI enemies - who give you as much XP as a normal player kill - will really help you boost your weapon XP.

If you want to turn it up even further, you can even combine the two methods to do it in double the time. With this, you'll have the akimbo attachment in no time and be ready to engage in chaos on the battlefield.

So, that should cover it if you were wanting to know how to get dual pistols in MW2. Find out how to tilt your gun in MW2 with this handy guide though to see a helpful trick.

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