All Hardpoint rotations in MW2

All Hardpoint rotations in MW2
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Success in MW2's Hardpoint mode relies largely on one's knowledge of the Hardpoint rotations. If you don't know where the next hill will appear, you'll look like a headless chicken running around the Modern Warfare 2 maps. Below you will find the MW2 hardpoint rotations for every map in MW2.

  • If you want to rise the ranks of MW2 Ranked Play, you must memorise all the Hardpoint rotations.

All Hardpoint rotations in MW2: Al Bagra Fortress

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Al Bagra Fortress features five hardpoints that rotate in the following order:

  1. Stables
  2. Gallows
  3. Courtyard
  4. Munitions Storage
  5. Blacksmith

All Hardpoint rotations in MW2: Breenbergh Hotel

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The six Breenbergh Hotel hardpoints rotate in the order listed below:

  1. Atrium
  2. Lobby
  3. Kitchen
  4. Bar
  5. Restaurant
  6. Rooftop

All Hardpoint rotations in MW2: Crown Raceway

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Crown Raceway has five hardpoints that rotate as follows:

  1. Blue Clubhouse
  2. Emergency Services
  3. Garages
  4. Buses
  5. Pit Lane

All Hardpoint rotations in MW2: El Asilo

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El Asilo boasts a whopping ten hardpoints that rotate in the following order:

  1. Dorm
  2. Guest House
  3. Radio Tower
  4. Shack
  5. Front Yard
  6. Bar
  7. Gaming Room
  8. Garage
  9. Office
  10. Terrace

All Hardpoint rotations in MW2: Embassy

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Below are the MW2 Hardpoint rotations for Embassy's five hardpoints:

  1. Courtyard
  2. Parking
  3. Servers
  4. Administration
  5. Cafeteria

All Hardpoint rotations in MW2: Farm 18

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Farm 18 has a grand total of eight hardpoints that rotate as listed below:

  1. Shoot House
  2. Shooting Range
  3. Mechanic's Shop
  4. Operations Building
  5. Mess Hall
  6. Training Course
  7. Dormitory
  8. Cement Hopper

All Hardpoint rotations in MW2: Himmelmatt Expo

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MW2's latest map, Himmelmatt Expo, features five hardpoints that rotate in the following order:

  1. Showers/Pool
  2. Conference Room
  3. Media Tent
  4. Lounge
  5. North Hall

All Hardpoint rotations in MW2: Mercado Las Almas

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Mercado offers seven hardpoints that rotate In the order indicated below:

  1. Market Center
  2. Cantina (first floor)
  3. Elephant Room
  4. Barber Shop
  5. Patio
  6. Cantina (second floor)
  7. Parking

All Hardpoint rotations in MW2: Santa Sena Border Crossing

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The controversial Santa Sena Border Crossing has six hardpoints that rotate as follows:

  1. Explosion
  2. Buses
  3. Camper
  4. Delivery Zone
  5. Truck Lane
  6. US Offices

All Hardpoint rotations in MW2: Taraq

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The five hardpoint locations on Taraq rotate in the following order:

  1. Laundry Shop
  2. Shelter
  3. Hotel
  4. Well
  5. Glass Shop

All Hardpoint rotations in MW2: Zarqwa Hydroelectric

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Listed below are the locations and rotations for the hardpoints on Zarqwa Hydroelectric:

  1. Mid Entryway
  2. Ruins
  3. Control Room
  4. Trail
  5. Generator Building

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