MW2 FC Event: Everything You Need To Know

MW2 FC Event: Everything You Need To Know
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Coleman Hamstead


22nd Nov 2022 10:09

The MW2 FC Event is getting going in honour of the FIFA World Cup 2022. Modern Warfare 2's first in-game event, the FC Event is chock-full of Football-themed Skins to buy and activities to partake in. So, let's review everything you need to know about the MW2 FC Event.

MW2 FC Event: Dates

The MW2 FC Event officially kicks off on November 21, 2022. While Activision and Infinity Ward have yet to announce an end date, expect the FC Event to roll into early December.

MW2 FC Event: Neymar Jr., Paul Pogba, And Leo Messi Operator Skins

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Three of Football's world-renowned legends, Neymar Jr., Paul Pogba, And Leo Messi, are making their debut in Modern Warfare 2 as Operator Skins. Grab your favourite via limited-time Bundles available in the Call of Duty Store.

Below are all the MW2 FC Event Bundles and their contents:

Tracer Pack Neymar Jr. Operator Bundle

  • Neymar Jr. Operator
  • The Feared Weapon Blueprint
  • The Longball Weapon Blueprint

Tracer Pack Paul Pogba Bundle

  • Paul Pogba Operator
  • Series A Weapon Blueprint
  • Counter Attack Weapon Blueprint

Tracer Pack Messi Bundle

  • Leo Messi Operator
  • Atomic Flea Weapon Blueprint
  • Blue Thunder Weapon Blueprint

Additionally, all MW2 FC Event Bundles include a Weapon Charm, Vehicle Skin, Sticker, Emblem, and a Finishing Move.

These Bundles will be released periodically throughout the MW2 FC Event. Neymar Jr. will enter the Store on November 21, 2022, followed by Paul Pogba on November 25, and finally, Leo Messi on November 29. Each Bundle will set you back 2,400 COD Points.

MW2 FC Event: CODBall Limited-Time Mode And Support Your Team Pick’em Minigame

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As for the festivities, the MW2 FC Event features an exciting new way to play Call of Duty. Holster your weapons because the CODBall limited-time mode (LTM) is your chance to flex your driving skills.

Combine Rocket League with Call of Duty, and you have CODBall. CODBall matches two teams against one another on the pitch with a massive football situated in the centre. Everyone is strapped to an ATV as players manoeuvre around ramming one another, passing the ball, and ultimately shooting it into the opposing team's goal.

For now, Activision and Infinity Ward are withholding details on the Support Your Team Pick’em Minigame. However, we assume it'll involve players selecting their favourite for the FIFA World Cup 2022. MW2 players will likely receive some sort of bonus if their chosen team wins. 

That's everything you need to know to prepare for the MW2 FC Event. Grab your favourite Football star in the Store and prepare for some CODBall.

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