MW2 DMZ POIs - Every Al Mazrah Point Of Interest

MW2 DMZ POIs - Every Al Mazrah Point Of Interest
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Harry Boulton


17th Nov 2022 11:22

You might recognise some familiar names and locations when going through the MW2 DMZ POIs, as there is plenty to see within the new game mode's wide-open map. As loot is the aim of the game in Modern Warfare 2's new Extraction Shooter mode DMZ, heading to all of the Points of Interest is likely to fill your backpack with worthwhile goods to hopefully extract with. So, to see a full list of the MW2 DMZ POIs, make sure to carry on reading down below.

MW2 DMZ POIs Full List

MW2 DMZ Map with POIs
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If you've been playing some Warzone 2 so far then you will become instantly acquainted with the DMZ map and its POIs, as they are exactly the same. Currently, there is only one shared map between Warzone 2 and DMZ, although you will obviously move through the area differently depending on which game mode you choose.

Here's a full list of the MW2 DMZ POIs that you can visit on Al Mazrah:

  • Taraq Village
  • Rohan Oil
  • Al-Mazrah City
  • Zarqwa Hydroelectric
  • Al-Safwa Quarry
  • Mawizeh Marshlands
  • Sattiq Cave Complex
  • Al Sharim Pass
  • Zaya Observatory
  • Hadif Port
  • Sa'id City
  • Ahkdar Village
  • Al Malik Airport
  • Al Samman Cemetary
  • Sarrif Bay
  • Sawah Village
  • Al Bagra Fortress

Each Point of Interest has a wide variety of different things to find inside, from contract phones, to supply drops, and even a stronghold with some tough AI foes if you feel up to the challenge. You can even visit areas like Al Malik Airport if you're wanting a bit of nostalgia, as there is plenty to find within the various POIs that will give you memories of the original Modern Warfare 2.

So, that completes this guide for all of the MW2 DMZ POIs, giving you a full list of every currently named location on the new Al Mazrah map that is shared between the extraction mode and Warzone 2. If you're wanting to find out how to extract in MW2 DMZ, then have a read of our guide for all of the answers.

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