MW2 DMZ Plate Carriers explained: Tempered, Medic, Comms, & Stealth

MW2 DMZ Plate Carriers explained: Tempered, Medic, Comms, & Stealth
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17th Apr 2023 13:03

One of the most significant additions to MW2 DMZ in Season 3 is the new Plate Carriers. There are four different types of Plate Carriers that you can find in MW2 DMZ, each providing different bonuses when equipped. With that, let's review all the MW2 DMZ Plate Carriers and what each Plate Carrier has to offer.

MW2 DMZ Plate Carriers: Tempered

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Originally featured in Warzone, the Tempered Plate Carrier transforms your Armour into two half-bars rather than three-thirds. So, with a Tempered Plate Carrier equipped, you only need to deposit two Armour Plates to get full Armour instead of three. Tempered Plate Carriers are perfect for players that like to play aggressively and take a lot of damage.

MW2 DMZ Plate Carriers: Medic

Medic Vests increase the speed at which you can revive teammates and use Self-Revive Kits. If you tend to play more reserved and are always the one saving your teammates, the Medic Vest is for you!

MW2 DMZ Plate Carriers: Comms

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The Comms Vest offers a variety of benefits related to collecting reconnaissance. With a Comms Vest equipped, all UAVs, UAV Towers, and enemy radios dropped by AI will function like Advanced UAVs, plus last longer than normal. Furthermore, Comms Vest users will get an audio cue when an enemy Operator is close by, sort of like the High Alert Perk.

The Comms Vest is especially useful for Solo players, as you don't have any teammates to communicate with and relay intel.

MW2 DMZ Plate Carriers: Stealth

The Stealth Plate Carrier grants your Operator the Ghost Perk, letting you roam the Exclusion Zone undetected. The Stealth Plate Carrier is an excellent counter to the Comms Vest if you find that enemy Operators are tracking you down more than you'd like.

How to get Plate Carriers in MW2 DMZ

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You can acquire the brand-new MW2 DMZ Plate Carriers through a few different methods, including:

  • Spending Cash at Buy Stations
  • Bartering at Buy Stations with the appropriate MW2 DMZ Barter Recipes
  • Opening Supply Boxes

That's all you need to know about the new MW2 DMZ Plate Carriers. Visit Al Mazrah, Ashika Island, or MW2 DMZ Building 21 to get your hands on one of these new Vests!

Strongholds are a great spot to search for Plate Carriers.

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