How To Get A Stronghold Keycard In MW2 DMZ

How To Get A Stronghold Keycard In MW2 DMZ
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17th Nov 2022 17:30

Getting your hands on a MW2 DMZ Stronghold Keycard is not only a great way to pick up some higher tier loot, but it is also essential for one of the starting faction quests. If you're wanting to progress in Modern Warfare 2's new extraction-based game mode, then you're going to want to complete the various tasks that are given to you. So, to find out how to get a Stronghold Keycard in MW2 DMZ, make sure to have a read of the rest of this guide.

How To Get A Stronghold Keycard In MW2 DMZ

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Currently, the main way to get your hands on a MW2 DMZ Stronghold Keycard is through the various Buy Stations dotted across the map. It will set you back $5000, but once you've racked up enough cash you'll be able to head over to the nearest Stronghold and take it over.

Like almost all items in DMZ, the Stronghold Keycard will be lost upon death, so you will have to go back into a new raid and earn enough to buy it once again. However, it will stay in your backpack between raids, so you can preserve it and extract if you don't feel ready to take on a Stronghold.

If you're struggling to actually get enough cash in order to afford it, here are the best ways to up your bank balance in DMZ:

  • Looting items and selling them through the Buy Stations
  • Killing AI enemies
  • Completing Phone Contracts

Each item you loot has its value attached to it, so you don't have to go around guessing which items are worth more, or wondering if you've accumulated enough to afford the Keycard.

Where To Use Stronghold Keycard In MW2 DMZ

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Once you've acquired a Stronghold Keycard, you'll want to head over to the nearest Stronghold in order to use it. You can find these easily on the Tac Map through the castle-shaped icon, and the boarded up windows or yellow logos on the doors. 

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There are a couple of doors that you can use the Keycard on once you reach a Stronghold, but we would recommend a top floor entry if possible, as it is far easier to work your way down through the building.

In order to complete the 'Storm the Stronghold' question from the Legion Faction, you will need to not only acquire a Stronghold Keycard and completely clear a Stronghold of enemies, but you will also need to extract the White Lotus intel and extract with it. If you die after clearing the Stronghold, you will need to unfortunately repeat the whole process again.

So, that should clear up how to get a Stronghold Card in MW2 DMZ, letting you know the steps needed to complete a Faction quest and potentially get some good loot. If it is extraction that you're struggling with, why not check out our guide for how to extract in MW2 DMZ for some help.

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