How To Lock On In Monster Hunter Rise

How To Lock On In Monster Hunter Rise
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20th Jan 2023 17:15

One of the most engaging gameplay loops in Monster Hunter Rise is taking down certain enemies in particular ways. You may need to take down a creature’s tail to obtain some scales, or perhaps a full frontal assault on its head to secure an eyeball. The problem is, it can be slightly cumbersome to accurately attack them in a certain way.

While this is perhaps the easiest Monster Hunter has ever been, Rise still has a long way to go until it’s accessible to the masses. Thankfully, there are ways to tweak the camera to enable lock on in Monster Hunter Rise. If you want to know how to do so, we have an in-depth look into your options.

How To Lock On In Monster Hunter Rise

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You’d think for a game specialized in taking down enemies in particular ways that Monster Hunter Rise would make it easier. However, the options for making things feel more seamless are hidden away in the options. 

There are two camera options you can use - Target Camera and Focus Camera. This can easily be changed by visiting the Options menu, entering the Camera menu, and then Camera Style. Here’s what both options do and how they affect lock on in Monster Hunter Rise:

  • Target Camera: This is the default mode. Simply press in the right stick and it will lock onto a nearby monster. You can also scroll through which enemy you want to target.
  • Focus Camera: Designed more for newcomers coming into Monster Hunter Rise. It automatically locks and stays on a monster within range, but again, you can cycle through the enemy you want to focus on. It helps allow you to focus on slaying the beast, rather than contending with the camera.

The Focus Camera is better for locking onto enemies. Not only is it useful for beginners, but for players who like to play ranged, it acts as the perfect tool so you never miss a shot. Once you feel comfortable with Monster Hunter Rise’s mechanics, feel free to try the Target Camera to get a bit more freedom.

There’s no right or wrong way to play Monster Hunter Rise, and thankfully, these options allow you to improve your experience and make it as accessible as possible.

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