Is Monster Hunter Rise Coming To Xbox Game Pass?

Is Monster Hunter Rise Coming To Xbox Game Pass?
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5th Jan 2023 15:28

Xbox Game Pass is always full of surprises and it seems like every other month a huge hitter is arriving on the service. Whether it be LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga or High on Life, you’re hard-pressed to find months when there’s very little or nothing to play at all.

The beginning of 2023 sees many new titles coming to Xbox, and one such heavy hitter is Monster Hunter Rise, which was originally released on the Nintendo Switch back in 2021. Fans of the series have been clamouring to play this on other systems and now it’s finally time. Players are also wondering whether it will be arriving on Xbox Game Pass. If you’re one of those curious, here’s whether Monster Hunter Rise will be joining Xbox Game Pass this month.

Is Monster Hunter Rise Coming To Xbox Game Pass?

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Xbox Game Pass is no stranger to the series, having ushered in Monster Hunter World previously. It quickly became a success, with many newcomers and veterans diving into the game once again. Of course, many are hoping that fortune will be replicated with the inclusion of Monster Hunter World.

Well, you can relax, as Xbox has confirmed that Monster Hunter Rise not only be coming to consoles and PC on January 20th, but it will also be launching into Xbox Game Pass on the very same day. It’s set to launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows PCs, while also being added to Game Pass across all systems.

Will Monster Hunter Sunbreak Be Coming To Xbox Game Pass?

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Last year saw the lunch of the Monster Hunter Sunbreak expansion. It was a substantial upgrade that added new monsters, biomes, and weapons to play with. Xbox has confirmed that it will be arriving across all systems this Spring but has not revealed any plans for it to be introduced with Xbox Game Pass.

Judging by previous expansions to games that have been in the service, we imagine it won’t be part of Xbox Game Pass. Instead, we predict it will be a paid-for add-on for anyone who has Monster Hunter Rise. However, Xbox Game Pass members have previously been offered discounts for expansions of games on the service, meaning it’s entirely possible the same will happen here.

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