Does Monster Hunter Rise Have Crossplay?

Does Monster Hunter Rise Have Crossplay?
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Daniel Hollis


20th Jan 2023 11:15

One of the best elements of the Monster Hunter series, especially recent entries, is the ability to hook up with friends online and slay some beasts down together. Monster Hunter Rise is no different and actually takes some steps to make it infinitely more accessible than previous titles.

With such an emphasis on multiplayer this time around, and with the game now release on multiple systems, the question on everyone’s mind is whether crossplay has been integrated. If you’re hoping to take advantage of crossplay in Monster Hunter Rise, let’s find out if you can do so.

Does Monster Hunter Rise Have Crossplay?

Monster Hunter Rise makes great strides in making its multiplayer component much more accessible. Unlike Monster Hunter World, which was often very confusing in how its online multiplayer worked, Rise separates its cooperative campaign from its solo adventure to make things easier.

With such a huge leap in its multiplayer direction that makes the experience easier, players are hoping they will be able to jump on with their friends on different platforms. Unfortunately, for anyone hoping to use crossplay in Monster Hunter Rise, there is no support for it at present.

This means if you’ve pumped loads of hours into the Nintendo Switch or the Steam version of Monster Hunter Rise, if you want to play with friends on another system, you’ll have to repurchase the game again to do so.

There is one caveat. If you’re playing the game through Xbox, or Game Pass, console and PC users can play together. But this is only if the PC user plays the game through the Xbox app on PC - it cannot be played through Steam.

It’s a shame Capcom hasn’t worked to introduce crossplay to Monster Hunter Rise - especially when the game has such a heavy emphasis on co-op and was birthed on other systems first. Whether it’s something that is introduced later remains to be seen, but it sounds as though it may not be coming to this entry at all.

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