How To Join Quests In Monster Hunter Rise

How To Join Quests In Monster Hunter Rise
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20th Jan 2023 13:11

Do you want to know how to join quests in Monster Hunter Rise? While Monster Hunter Rise has made great strides at making things infinitely more accessible for newcomers, there are still some elements of the game that are cumbersome. Whether it be in combat or the UI, for anyone who dives into this franchise for the first time, it can be overwhelming.

One department where things can become a bit confusing is when accepting quests. Something that sounds incredibly easy on paper is more annoying than it should be. If you’re one of the many players finding the entire system a nightmare, here’s how to join quests in Monster Hunter Rise.

How To Join Quests In Monster Hunter Rise

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The opening hours of Monster Hunter Rise will teach you all of the game’s mechanics. With so many elements being thrown at the player in its introduction, it can be easy to overlook or forget entirely how to complete something - joining quests being one of them.

To begin a quest, simply speak to one of the twins in either the village or Gathering Hub. Here, you will be able to choose your next assignment and tailor the next step of your adventure. Additionally, you can use the quest board to join missions set up by another hunter.

If you’re the one setting up the mission and want to open it up to other players, make sure you select “Yes (Send Join Request” to do so. Be aware that this is not something you can do for village quests or if you’re playing the game via local play.

Once you’ve completed these requirements and are ready to take on the hunt in Monster Hunter Rise, simply traverse to the nearest quest gate and use it to begin your adventure. Be sure to eat a meal before you embark too, as you’ll receive a nice little buff before taking on the quest.

Players can also join certain missions in progress by checking the quest board in the village. If it’s possible, it will be highlighted by saying “Can Join”. This isn’t for every quest, so if you want to ensure you and your party are tackling Monster Hunter Rise together, it’s best to set these up and venture off at the same time.

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