Marathon trailers, story, gameplay details, platforms & more

Marathon trailers, story, gameplay details, platforms & more
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13th Nov 2023 16:25


During a stacked PlayStation showcase, Bungie released the first tease of its latest game, Marathon. A PvP extraction shooter, only time will tell what Marathon has in store for players itching to play in its sci-fi world.

Here, we’ll be breaking down everything we know about the game so far, with continuous updates with more information down the line.

What is Marathon?

Marathon is the latest title to come from Bungie, the creators of Halo and Destiny. Taking on the role of a Runner, players will compete for survival and renown against the backdrop of a ghost ship, hanging high above the lost colony of Tau Ceti IV.

Players in this world will compete to be the most inspiring… or infamous Runner across the stars.

In their first ViDoc, the Marathon developers touch on the game's inspiration from their 1994 Apple Macintosh game of the same name by combining it with these extractor shooter elements.

Marathon trailers

Marathon’s first reveal trailer was shown at the PlayStation showcase in May 2023. Displaying vibrant visuals and an uncanny sci-fi aesthetic, the trailer gave players just a tease of what is to come.

Marathon gameplay details

A Runner in Marathon runs with his weapon raised
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Images via Bungie

From what we understand, Marathon is a PvP extraction shooter where players compete for survival, riches, and renown.

Extraction shooters typically find the player thrown into the world, collecting loot against other players. Often, there are PvE elements such as in-game enemies, bosses and challenges to take on for a substantial reward.

In this case, Runners will be vying for artefacts and weapons to get even stronger, and need to use their quick instincts to make split-second decisions.

Which platforms is Marathon coming to?

In its first tweet since the game’s announcement, Bungie has revealed that Marathon is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Is there a launch window for Marathon?

At the time of writing, there has been no official word as to when Marathon will launch. However, in a report from Bloomberg which also revealed the dismissal of many Bungie employees, it was reported that the release of Marathon has been delayed from 2024 until 2025.

No release period has been officially confirmed for Marathon yet, so we will have to wait to see if this turns out to be correct.

That is everything we currently know about Marathon. For more Bungie game info, head to our Destiny homepage where you can keep up with the weekly reset, get all the latest on Xur or Trials of Osiris, or check out what we know about the upcoming Season of the Wish.

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