Luigi's Mansion 2 Remaster: Release window, trailers & all we know

Luigi's Mansion 2 Remaster: Release window, trailers & all we know
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14th Sep 2023 15:31


A new remaster for Luigi's Mansion 2 is making its way to the Nintendo Switch, bringing the 3DS classic to the bigger screen with an exciting new trailer. The fan-favourite Luigi's Mansion series saw its third entry succeed on the Switch, so it seems only fitting to bring the previous title to the system.

Luigi's Mansion 2, also known as Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon in some regions, was released on the Nintendo 3DS, and with the 3DS eShop closed, there are fewer ways to pick up the game today. So here is everything we know so far about the upcoming Luigi's Mansion 2, including its trailer and everything we know so far.

Do we know Luigi's Mansion 2 Remaster release window?

Luigi being teleported to the haunted mansion in Luigi's Mansion 2
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Luigi's Mansion 2 is currently slated to release on Nintendo Switch in Summer of 2024. The announcement of the game on Switch was a rather brief one, being brought up during a Nintendo Direct without much in the way of details.

The September 2023 Nintendo Direct revealed that the remaster is expected in Summer.

Are there any trailers for Luigi's Mansion 2 Remaster?

In the game's first trailer, we were treated to a couple of gameplay moments from Luigi's Mansion 2, with a stunning fresh coat of paint applied to the game's timeless art style showcased within this initial announcement trailer.

Comparisons to the original show that the footage in the trailer is practically identical to the original game, but with higher-resolution graphics that are ever-so appealing.

Check out the latest trailer below:

Is Luigi's Mansion 2 a remake or remaster?

Luigi finding a ghost in a shower in Luigi's Mansion 2
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Based on the comparative footage shown in the announcement trailer, we can confirm that this is indeed a remaster of Luigi's Mansion 2, and not a full remake.

While this might disappoint some fans looking for a full rebuild from the ground up, what we have seen so far more than shows that the game does not need a complete overhaul to still look excellent in 2023.

That is everything we know so far about the Luigi's Mansion 2 remaster. For all your Nintendo needs, head to our Nintendo homepage, or check out our Super Mario RPG release date guide.

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