Lost Ark April update: Release date, new content, & more

Lost Ark April update: Release date, new content, & more
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12th Apr 2023 11:48

The Lost Ark April update is coming soon, with plenty of new content for players to check out. Lost Ark is a constantly evolving and changing game, so we can expect many more updates in the future. The April update brings a new raid, as well as a host of other new features to the game. Here is everything we know about the Lost Ark April update so far.

Lost Ark April update: release date

Lost Ark April update: Hanumatan, the Solar Guardian
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The Lost Ark April update is set to launch on Wednesday, 12 April. Players excited to check out the new content can take a look today as of writing this, though you will need to wait for the downtime to finish as the patch is put out. 

To get in at the jump, you need to log in shortly after the reset time on Wednesday. That would be 3 AM PST/6 AM EST/10 AM GMT.

Lost Ark April update: New content

Lost Ark April update: A group of players prepare to face Hanumatan
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Brelshaza Hard Mode

One of the biggest pieces of content in the new update is the return of Brelshaza with a hard version of the 9-player Legion raid. The mode requires:

  • Item Level 1540 for gates 1 and 2
  • Item level 1550 for gates 3 and 4
  • Item level 1560 for gates 5 and 6

Hanumatan Guardian Raid

Hanumatan must be stopped, before his cold and furious wrath destroys every life form on Arkesia. Challenging Hanumatan in a Guardian Raid will require Item Level 1540, and like Brelshaza Hard Mode, Ancient accessories can be earned by successful parties harvesting the Guardian's soul.

Like in other Level 6 Guardian Raids, there's a chance that the Legendary Galewind Rune can drop (once per Roster). The related Aberrant Mist Forest Island has been added.

Ancient Quality Gear and Accessories


  • Ancient gear can be crafted with materials acquired from Legion Raid Phantom Legion Commander Brelshaza Hard mode. The following conditions must be met before crafting Ancient gear:

    • Reach Item Level 1540.

    • The Achievement 'Phantom Shard Remnants' level 1, earned by equipping a full 6-set of Relic gear from the Phantom Legion Commander Raid (simultaneously, and regardless of the set bonus).

  • Tier 3 Upper Relic gear can be transferred to Ancient level gear. The gear's quality and set levels are maintained when transferred, unless the new piece has a higher quality.

  • Ancient level gear can be honed up to level 25, with each additional honing level adding 5 Item Levels.

  • Ancient gear shares the same set effects and options with Relic gear.

  • Added 3 New Honing Effects. Upon reaching Ancient weapon honing level +22/+24/+25, the weapon’s effect will be updated.


  • Ancient accessories have been added, and can be earned from the following activities:

    • South Vern Chaos Dungeons: Despair Level 1 & 2

    • Hanumatan Guardian Raid

    • Brelshaza Hard mode Legion Raid

    • Proving Grounds

  • Ancient accessories Engraving Effect Points:

    • First Active Engraving Effect: Max 6 – Min 4

    • Second Active Engraving Effect: Max 3 – Min 3

    • Negative Engraving Penalty Effect: Max 3 – Min 1

  • Bracelet Upgrade function added:

    • You can upgrade Relic grace bracelets to Ancient grade bracelets.

    • The Relic bracelet must already have a granted bonus before you can upgrade it.

    • When you upgrade your bracelet, the previously granted bonus will be enhanced and changed to a fixed bonus. One grant bonus slot will be created and a random bonus will be granted. The newly created and granted bonus can be changed up to 3 times, regardless of how many times you've granted a bonus before upgrading your bracelet.

      • The first time you grant a bonus after upgrading your bracelet will cost 38,000 Silver, the same cost as granting a second bonus for an Ancient bracelet.

    • Go to the Bracelet Specialist NPC in major cities to upgrade your bracelet.

      • When you upgrade your bracelet, you will need 100 Crushed Radiant Hero Bracelets, which can be obtained by dismantling Ancient bracelets.


The first 25 floors of this new tier three tower are now open, starting from item level 1490 and increasing to 1530. There's also a variety of rewards, ranging from card packs and honing materials, to skill point potions and legendary engravings. 

Entry Requirements

    • Floors 1 - 5: 1490

    • Floors 6 - 10: 1500

    • Floors 11 - 15: 1510

    • Floors 16 - 20: 1520

    • Floors 21 - 25: 1530


    • First Clear rewards per floor can be attained once per Roster, such as a new Masterpiece, Skill Point Potion, and Achievements.

    • When clearing the floors again with other characters on the same Roster, different rewards can be attained, such as honing materials. First clear rewards are Roster bound, while additional clear rewards are character bound.

Sidereal Weapons and Quests

Sidereal weapons are a new type of gear that can be earned from a new item level 1520 questline, starting with an item that drops in the normal or hard version of the Brelshaza Legion Raid. Here are the following quests:

  • Sidereal: Galatur's Will - Guide (purple) quest that is given after using the "Sidereal: Galatur's Will" item.

  • Sidereal Energy - Guide (purple) quest given by Balthorr after completing "Sidereal: Galatur's Will".

  • Sidereal's Story - Available after leveling Sidereal Weapon to level 5. Prerequisites:

    • All South Vern World quests

    • Visit Whispering Islet

    • Complete quest "Whispering Voice", part of Nineveh's Story

    • Complete quest "To the Sound", part of Nineveh's Story

    • Complete quest "Destiny's Whisper", part of Kadan's Story

    • Complete quest "Blue-Blazing Blade", part of Kadan's Story

  • The Mysterious Blueprint - Continuation quest after completing Sidereal's Story. Required to unlock "Sidereal Unity"

  • Call of the Illusory Bird Available after leveling Sidereal Weapon to 7.

Sidereal weapons also can't be honed based on varying probabilities, and instead have an 100% chance to evolve after the relevant materials have been collected. 

Quests and Content

Lost Ark April update: New content
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  • Added the South Vern Despair Chaos Dungeons, new achievements, and titles. Entrance Levels:

    • Despair 1: 1540

    • Despair 2: 1560

  • Added the T3 Hall of the Sun ‘Inferno’ mode Boss Rush. Requires Item Level 1540 to enter.

    • Related Stronghold Special Dispatch, achievements, and titles added.

  • A series of quests have been added that take place on Wisdom Isle. These quests forward the ongoing story of Lost Ark, and serve a prerequisite for story quests that will arrive in future updates.

    • The Infinite Darkness

    • Waiting for the Light

    • Silver Traces

    • The World’s Library

    • The Discovery

    • Tabula Rasa

  • Competitive Proving Grounds Season 2 draws to a close with this update.

Sweet Sugarpetal Festival Event

Lost Ark April update: New content 2
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The Lopang Corporation manager Hytino can be found in any major city to kick off this new event questline, that comes with daily Una's tasks to complete. 

General Updates and Quality of Life


  • Login reward track has been updated.

  • Adjusted the rewards for the Arkesia Grand Prix event.

    • Removed:

      • [Event] Book of Enhancement: Weapon (Limited-Time)

      • [Event] Book of Enhancement: Armor (Limited-Time)

    • Added:

      • [Event] Metallurgy: Advanced Welding (Limited-Time)

      • [Event] Tailoring: Advanced Mending (Limited-Time)

      • [Event] Metallurgy: Expert Welding (Limited-Time)

      • [Event] Tailoring: Expert Mending (Limited-Time)

  • Added messaging intended to better indicate why a player received a warning or ban.

  • Added a new CVAA feature to help visually impaired users navigate Lost Ark. A new menu will be shown asking if players want to enable this feature before reaching the server selection screen. All players will see this at least once after the update releases.

  • Added Ark Pass missions for Hanumatan and the Flower Candy Festival.

  • Chests containing Ancient Accessories have been added as rewards for Challenge Guardian Raids and Siege Events (Requires Item Level 1540).

  • Added new chests to the Sylmael Bloodstone Exchange that contain Inferno Hall of the Sun Boss Rush tickets.

Quality of Life

  • Improved the [Shift]+[G] quest text bypass system. You can now use [Shift]+[G] to skip quest text scripts even if you have never done the quest before. You can also now use the skip feature on Stronghold quests.

  • Triport unlock conditions are now applied across a player’s roster.

  • Docked boats will now be warped when players cannot enter a port. If you sail and try to dock at a continent that you don’t meet the entry requirement for, you will be denied entry. You will then get a pop up message with an option to teleport to another continent's port that you are able to enter.

  • Players will no longer have to restart the game to switch regions.

  • Brelshaza Gate 0 skip function added.

    • At the beginning of Brelshaza Legion Raid, the party leader can teleport the group directly from Astalgia’s Door to Nightmare Shadow.

    • Only available until all party members reach the first assembly location.

    • Only the party leader can teleport the group. Click on ‘Gate 1 Instant Teleport’ on top left of screen. A pop up window asking ‘Would you like to immediately teleport from Astalgia's Door to Nightmare Shadow?’ will appear. Click ‘OK’ to teleport.

  • The Legion Raid materials required to craft Upper Tier 3 Relic gear from Brelshaza Normal mode have been reduced. Crafting a weapon will now require 75 Phantom Horns, and armor will require 30.

  • Honor Shards honing cost requirement decreased by 40% for T3 Lv. 1340 gear from 1460 up to 1490 (+20), and T3 Lv. 1390 gear up to 1590 (+20).

Store Updates

The in-game store is home to some new cosmetic items and sets. These are:

  • Butler and Maid
  • Petranian Knight

Bug Fixes

  • The time zone labels have been removed from the top-left in EU-West and EU-Central as they were incorrect following the daylight savings change.

  • Fixed an issue causing items in the Product Inventory to always appear in English.

  • Fixed an issue allowing controller users to enter letters in the "Find Party" password field despite only numbers being usable with Mouse & Keyboard.

  • Fixed an issue causing the Artist's "Paint: Crane Wing" skill to only use Select Point Type 2 targeting while the tripod "Crane Ambush" is applied with a controller.

That is everything you need to know about the Lost Ark April update. For more on the game, check out our Lost Ark stone cutting guide.

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