Lost Ark Tooki Island: How To Find

Lost Ark Tooki Island: How To Find
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4th Oct 2022 16:36

Lost Ark Tooki Island is difficult to find due to it being on a timer that makes it only appear at specific points during the week.Exploring all that Lost Ark contains will take a while due to the wealth of content on offer, and the islands are no different thanks to all the new quests, bosses, and activities that are available. So if you want to track down Lost Ark Tooki Island, we've got you covered. 

Lost Ark Tooki Island: Where Is It?

Lost Ark Tooki Island location
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The big hurdle to many players actually coming across Tooki Island, is that it's a limited-time island that is only available for ten minutes. The evasive isle can spawn in one of four random locations around the map multiple times per day, and you need to be there as it spawns to have the best chance of beating it. 

Ten minutes prior to spawning, there will be a glowing vortex in the sea where Tooki Island is set to appear. Chancing upon this makes you very lucky, but as a community event that many players are after, chances are you aren't alone in seeking it out. Lookout in the area chat, as other players will make known which spawn location it's set to appear at, along with what channel it can be found in. You can change channel with the drop-down menu at the top right of the screen.


Once you are at the Tooki Island vortex, wait for it to spawn up and enter quickly for the rest of the timed event.

Lost Ark Tooki Island: What Can You Do There?

Lost Ark Tooki Island boss
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You should hope that there are plenty of players with you for this event, as the group quests on Tooki Island require a lot of effort in a little amount of time. The first quest you will find once spawning on the island is called Tooki Tooki Treasures, which requires all the players to collect 100 Tooki Treasures across the island. 

The second quest begins shortly after this is finished; called Invincible King Tooki, you will need to then go defeat 101 Tooki enemies around the island. This will spawn a boss called King Tooki who you can defeat to gain the Island Token. Make sure to leave quickly after, so you don't get sucked into the vortex.

That's our breakdown of the Lost Ark Tooki Island, and now you know how to find it, and what the island involves. 

We also have a Lost Ark Cube guide, which covers the difficult end-game piece of content. 

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