Lost Ark Shadow's Mark: How To Get Shadow Island Token

Lost Ark Shadow's Mark: How To Get Shadow Island Token
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The Lost Ark Shadow's Mark quest will see you come to Shadow Island, which is a key location for the Shadowspire event and the one of the collectible Island Tokens. The majority of the Lost Ark islands allow you to collect Island Tokens from finishing quests, activities, and slaying bosses, and they can be traded in for powerful rewards. So if you want to earn the token for finishing Lost Ark Shadow's Mark, we've got you covered. 

Lost Ark Shadow's Mark: How To Find Shadow Island?

Lost Ark Shadow's Mark location
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Shadow Island can be found in the North Vern sea, which is just between the former continent and Shushire. It's at the very edge of some dead waters which is near to the coast of North Vern, so you can just avoid the hazard while docking at the island. It's recommended you reach combat level 50 and equipped item level 250 prior to venturing here, and you need access to Lost Ark ships beforehand. 

Lost Ark Shadow's Mark: How To Get The Island Token

Lost Ark Shadow's Mark tower
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Players will need to finish the Shadow's Mark quest before they can get the Island Token. Complete all the quests marked purple until you speak to Mercenary Captain Zardin on the island to begin Shadow's Mark, which will ask you to get to Shadespire floor 24. From here the quest isn't entirely clear on what it wants you to do, and players who are unsure of what Shadespire is will be fully lost. 


Shadespire is a tower that players can battle through against progressively harder enemies to gain loot. It can be found in any major city, such as Vern Castle, so you just need to travel to one and battle up to the 24th floor. There's no need to carry on, and you can quit out from here and travel back to Shadow Island to hand in the quest with Zardin. You will be rewarded the Shadow Island Token at this point.

That's our walkthrough of the Lost Ark Shadow's Mark quest, and now you know where to find Shadow Island and complete its associated quest for the Island Token.

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