Lost Ark Drumbeat Island: How To Get The Drumbeat Island Token

Lost Ark Drumbeat Island: How To Get The Drumbeat Island Token
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3rd May 2022 16:36

The Lost Ark Drumbeat Island Token requires a bit of work to earn due to the weird quest you'll need to take part in. Drumbeat Island in Lost Ark is an adventure island, meaning it is only available sometimes during the week. These islands are often the most sought after by players due to how elusive they are, so if you need to find Lost Ark Drumbeat Island, read on. 

Lost Ark Drumbeat Island: How To Find Drumbeat Island

Lost Ark Drumbeat Island location
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Before you can access Drumbeat Island, you will need access to one of the Lost Ark ships, and have reached combat level 50 and equipped item level 250. If you've met these criteria, then you are free to venture off and find it.

It's located just off the eastern coast of the North Vern continent and can be easily accessed from Port Krona which is just to toward the west. It's also located a little north of one of the Lost Ark Tooki Island locations, and south-east of Shadow Island where the Lost Ark Shadow's Mark quest takes place. As a limited-time island, check your Procyon's Compass by clicking the icon just below the minimap to see if it's set to spawn, otherwise you may have to wait for a different day. It's also important to be as close as possible when it spawns up, so you have the most chance of earning the Island Token. 


Lost Ark Drumbeat Island: How To Get The Island Token

Lost Ark Drumbeat Island token
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Once you get onto Drumbeat Island, you will want to track down an NPC called Scholar Obitan and begin the Mysterious Object cooperative quest. For the first step, you'll need to use some nearby telescopes to spot a falling object before returning to Obitan. Afterwards, a large rice cake will hit the island's centre and you'll be given a hammer to attack it. Sometimes there will be enemies that burst out of the rice cake who you will need to deal with, but keep repeatedly attacking the rice cake and the little enemies until it's defeated.  

Once you've defeated them, there is a chance that the Island Token will drop, but this is based on RNG, so you may have to repeat it a few times before getting it. Handing this quest into Obitan will also reward you with 10,000 Lost Ark Pirate Coins, while completion of the following quest will get you 1000 Gienah's Coins. 

That's our breakdown of how to get the Lost Ark Drumbeat Island, and now you know where to find it so you can earn the Island Token.

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