Lost Ark Crook Catcher: How To Earn Runaways Island Token

Lost Ark Crook Catcher: How To Earn Runaways Island Token
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16th Mar 2022 11:59

The Lost Ark Crook Catcher quest is the key to earning the Island Token on Runaways Island. Lost Ark has many islands for players to explore and search, providing new quests, activities, and collectibles. The Crook Catcher quest comes as part of the Una Daily tasks that players can take part in during the end-game, but some players struggling to finish it. Read on for our walkthrough of the Lost Ark Crook Catcher quest. 

Lost Ark Crook Catcher: Where To Find Runaways Island

Lost Ark Crook Catcher runaway island token
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The Runaways Island can be located toward the north-east of the global map, sitting just above the continent of Arthetine, and east of Opportunity Isle. It's in a relatively clear area of the ocean and shouldn't be too much trouble to find, although you will need access to Lost Ark ships. You are also required to be combat level 50 due to needing to access the Una Daily tasks for completion of this island. 

Lost Ark Crook Catcher: How To Get The Island Token

Once you have found the Runaways Island and successfully docked, it's time to access the Lost Ark Crook Catcher quest. Pressing ALT+J will bring up the Una's Tasks menu where players can select which daily and weekly quests they want to undertake, and selecting Crook Catcher will allow you to begin the quest.  

Lostk Ark Crook Catcher
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It's a relatively simple quest to undertake, requiring you to track down three criminals on the island and talk to them. These locations are somewhat randomised each time you do the quest, but they will always be in the western, eastern, and central areas of the island. They also take an indeterminate amount of time to spawn so give yourself plenty of time to wait around. You can spot the criminals because they have orange speech bubbles above their heads, so they stand out among the other inhabitants of the island. Here are some of the areas where we found the criminals:

  • On the roofs of the houses on the eastern and western sides of the island. Can be accessed by jumping up at the interaction point
  • Outside any of the houses, near the doorways
  • On top of the walkways near the western houses
  • Inside the animal pens located in the middle of the island
  • Gathered around groups of NPCs

After you find all the criminals, you need to go speak to the character of Rembrandt on the island to turn the quest in. To receive the Island Token, you will have to finish it a few times, and then Rembrant will give it to you.


That's our walkthrough of the Lost Ark Crook Catcher quest, and now you know how to find Runaways Island and earn the Island Token.

There are many more Island Tokens to collect, for another check out our guides for Lost Ark Tooki Island and Lost Ark Revelry Row


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