Kecleon Pokemon GO: How To Catch

Kecleon Pokemon GO: How To Catch
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10th Jan 2023 17:39

Not all Pokemon get added along with the rest of their respective generation. Kecleon is one of the most notable absences - with no sign of entering Pokemon GO since Gen 3 was introduced back in 2017. Now, Pokemon #353 is finally here. Here is how to catch the Color Change Pokemon since the Kecleon Pokemon GO debut.

Kecleon Pokemon GO: How to Catch

kecleon pokemon go how to catch
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Some Pocket Monsters are left out of Pokemon GO until the developers figure out a way to implement them that fits their unique traits. Essentially being a chameleon, Niantic has figured out a way to work that into the Kecelon Pokemon GO launch.

The way to catch Kecleon in Pokemon GO is by finding it as it randomly appears at local Pokestops on your map - blending in with the background until you spin it. If you come across a Pokestop with a Kecleon in hiding, you may notice its signature zig-zag stripe and transparent silhouette.

Spin the Pokestop, and Kecleon will appear and be added to the map to be interacted with as a normal wild Pokemon encounter. It will have a max CP of 2314 and will be the last entry in many Pokemon GO players' Hoenn Pokedexes.

Kecleon spawns at local Pokestops will be for everyone. So, if you're playing Pokemon GO in a group, you will all be able to catch the same Kecleon by spinning the found Pokestop.

That's all you need to know about the Kecleon Pokemon GO debut and how to catch it. For else what's new in Pokemon GO, you should take a look at how to beat Team Rocket Leader Arlo in January 2023, or how to catch Shiny Dedenne.

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