Is Warzone 2 Cross Platform?

Is Warzone 2 Cross Platform?
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18th Nov 2022 14:49

You may be wondering, is Warzone 2 cross platform and can you play with your friends on any of the different platforms? Call of Duty Warzone 2 was recently released, giving players a completely new version of the popular battle royale with additional features and various changes. Crossplay is a massive feature in most modern multiplayer games and given the game has also been released on most major platforms, you may want to know about Warzone 2 cross platform play, so check out our explanation below. 

Is Warzone 2 Cross Platform?

Is Warzone 2 Cross Platform?
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We can confirm that there is Warzone 2 cross platform play, meaning you can join up with your friends on different platforms with relative ease. The cross platform feature is available for all of the platforms that Warzone 2 is available on, allowing you to play with friends across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. 

Crossplay is enabled by default, but not all players may want to keep it on, as for example, people who play with keyboard and mouse don't always like being paired up with controller uses that have aim assist. Sadly, PC players are unable to turn off crossplay, meaning only console users have this option. 

To turn the Warzone 2 cross platform feature on or off, you will need to head to the game's settings menu. From there, select "Account & Network", and you will be able to toggle the option on or off. It's also worth turning crossplay on if you are encountering the Warzone 2 lobbies not filling up error. 

That's all for our explainer of the question, is Warzone 2 cross platform? Now you know that all the release platforms have crossplay functionality, and you can also turn it off on consoles. 

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