How To Get Hunt Showdown Twitch Drops

How To Get Hunt Showdown Twitch Drops
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Sascha Heinisch


11th Mar 2022 16:08

Everyone enjoys some free loot and Hunt Showdown Twitch drops promise just that. Developer Crytek has worked with the Amazon-owned streaming platform on various occasions and made it possible to gain free skins and weapons just by watching streamers do their thing. How does that work and how do you get a slice of the pie? We got you covered!

Hunt Showdown Twitch Drops: How To Get

In order to gain Hunt Showdown Twitch drops, you first have to make sure that your Twitch account is connected to your account on the platform you are playing from. Currently, Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox are supported so you will have to link your respective account here. After clicking the link it will ask you to choose the platform, ask you for your login credentials, and request for you to link your Twitch account.

Once you’ve connected your accounts, you will have to figure out if a promotion is currently active. Crytek is one of the developers running promotions most frequently on Twitch, so your chance for Hunt Showdown Twitch drops are solid.

Hunt showdown twitch drops
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For the majority of promotions, the cosmetics have been time-gated, meaning that you will have to watch for a certain amount of time in order to unlock the skin. Moreover, usually only one skin each day is made available and you will have to come back the day after to gain another one. The duration which you need to watch for ranges from 90 to 180 minutes depending on the rarity and type of Hunt Showdown Twitch drop. Even Hunt Showdown Legendary Hunters were part of the loot table before!

After having unlocked the skin, you will have to make sure that you claim the loot on your Twitch inventory which you can find here. After claiming it there, you should see your Hunt Showdown Twitch drop in your in-game stash. Don’t fret if you don’t have the gun you received the skin for, usually it will put a copy for you in your inventory as well.


Hunt Showdown Twitch Drops: Eligible Streamers

Keep in mind that technically all Hunt Showdown streamers are eligible but they will need to enable them on their end first. To guarantee finding an eligible channel, go to the top directory for Hunt Showdown on Twitch and check for those with the tag, "Drops Enabled". Watching any of these streamers, for the required time, will net you the rewards!

Hunt Showdown Twitch Drops
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And if your favourite streamer doesn't have it enabled perhaps you can nudge your favourite streamer into doing so?

And that’s all you need to do! We hope this has helped you gain access to some sweet Hunt Showdown Twitch drops.