Hunt Showdown Legendary Hunters Explained

Hunt Showdown Legendary Hunters Explained
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8th Mar 2022 11:36

While Hunt Showdown Legendary Hunters aren't necessarily pay to win (considering you can get some for free), they still give a mild competitive advantage which you should be making use of. Moreover, they are a way to influence your appearance in Hunt: Showdown, which isn’t exactly insignificant in a game in which getting the jump on an opponent is rather important. Here is all you need to know about Hunt Showdown Legendary Hunters.

Hunt Showdown Legendary Hunters: What Are They Used For?

Hunt Showdown Legendary Hunter
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On top of just being a way to express yourself, as skins generally do, Hunt Showdown Legendary Hunters also come with an additional functionality in the way of having three ability slots. In Hunt Showdown, Hunters receive skill points after every successful extraction which they can use to improve their capacities. Once they die, the Hunter is gone and their skills go with them. 

Skills such as Determination and Greyhound which improve the speed with which you can travel across the map can be a major difference-maker when chasing a team that wants to extract. Levering can give you a leg up in covering for you in short-range battles and fills the holes of your effective range of your weapon. Other skills just provide some quality of life improvements and are just nice to have. As you level your account, you gain access to more and more skills.


Moreover, Legendary Hunters also come with a random number of health chunks ranging from three to six, which may give an advantage depending on the situation you find yourself in. 

When you purchase a Hunt Showdown Legendary Hunter, they start with a random set of three skills of those which you’ve already unlocked. Due to its random nature, it's quite unpredictable how useful those skills will be. You may get regular Hunters from your shop rotations with three abilities too, but they can often be quite underwhelming. Gambling on a Hunt Showdown Legendary Hunter can therefore be your best choice.


How To Get Legendary Hunters In Hunt Showdown

How to get Hunt Showdown Legendary Characters
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Some Legendary Hunters can be purchased via the premium currency blood points and if you just purchased the game, chances are you should have some of them spare. Moreover, you can gain a couple through regular play as part of ground loot.

The price of Hunt Showdown Legendary Hunters can range from 300 - 700 mostly depending on how old the skins are. Moreover, some have to be unlocked by purchasing optional DLCs which may also come with weapon skins. Sometimes, you may also be able to grab a Legendary Hunter through promotional events so keep your eye out. Lastly, you may also receive a Hunt Showdown Legendary Hunter if you prestige your account level for levels 1-4, 6-9, 20, 30, 40, 60, 70, 80, and 90. Be aware that you may also receive a Legendary Weapon skin instead. Currently, there are 28 different Hunt Showdown Legendary Hunters up for grabs with more being introduced regularly.

Once unlocked, you will also need to purchase each instant of a Legendary Hunter with Hunt Dollars in order to equip them. If you are dying too frequently, that cost can get rather expensive and sometimes the one free Hunter in your shop rotation might have to be your fallback option. If you are sitting on a mountain of Hunt Dollars, it’s advised to generally go with your Hunt Showdown Legendary Hunter to give you a leg up in battle.