How To Slide Cancel In Warzone

How To Slide Cancel In Warzone
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2nd Sep 2021 14:41

With the launch of the new map upon us, you are going to want to know how to slide cancel in Warzone. Warzone is a very boots-on-the-ground shooter experience compared to titles like Apex Legends. Nonetheless, slide cancelling in Warzone can severely improve your chances in this battle royale. If you are keen to up your movement tactics, here's how to slide cancel in Warzone on both controller and mouse and keyboard. 

Warzone Slide Cancel: What Is Slide Cancelling?

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Warzone slide cancelling is an advanced movement technique. Normally after you perform a slide, your character will slow down to a halt and remain in the crouched position. Slide cancelling allows you to maintain max movement speed through sliding by rising back up and resuming a sprint in one simultaneous motion. The full action of the slide will be cancelled before your character slows down and gets stuck in a crouch.

Warzone Slide Cancel: When To Slide Cancel

Learn how to slide cancel in Warzone.
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The Warzone slide cancel technique has a variety of situational uses. The first common way to use slide cancelling in Warzone is to maintain infinite Tactical Sprint. Tactical Sprint is the boosted version of sprint available when you double-click the sprint button. Tactical Sprinting allows your character to move much faster than the traditional sprint.

Usually, players can only Tactical Sprint in short bursts. The ability has a short duration and then there’s a cooldown before it can be used again. However, Slide cancelling between Tactical sprinting will ignore and reset this cooldown, allowing you to maintain max movement speed for a much longer period of time. Players that learn how to slide cancel in Warzone will be able to chain together Tactical Sprinting and the slide cancel technique to traverse Verdansk at a rapid pace.

Slide cancelling can also be used to outmanoeuvre your opponents in gunfights. Not only will slide cancelling make you a harder sniper target while crossing open fields, but players can also use Warzone slide cancelling to throw off opponents in close-range gunfights.

When you slowly peek around a corner while aiming down sight, you appear to enemies as an easy to hit and predictable target. Instead, slide cancel around the corner. Enemies will have a hard time tracking the quick movement of this technique and may miss their shots on you. Even better, throw a jump at the end of the slide cancel to really mess with the opponents as your movement becomes impossible to predict. 

Warzone Slide Cancel: How To Slide Cancel On Controller

Performing a Warzone slide cancel on a console with a controller requires the player to press a series of buttons in succession. The actions are as follows:

  1. Double-tap in the left analogue stick to enter Tactical Sprint
  2. Press the crouch button (Circle or B by default) to begin sliding
  3. As soon as the slide animation begins, press the crouch button again to cancel the slide
  4. Press the jump button (A by default) to stand back up

Repeat these steps in rhythm to continuously slide cancel. When done correctly, your character will gain the movement speed boost of sliding without the drawbacks that follow it.

Warzone Slide Cancel: How To Slide Cancel On Mouse And Keyboard

Warzone slide cancelling on a PC with mouse and keyboard follows the same sequence of inputs as the controller, just with different buttons/keys.

Make sure that sprint is bound to the left Shift and crouch is bound to left Control.

  1. Double-tap left Shift to enter Tactical Sprint
  2. Press left Control to begin sliding
  3. As soon as the slide animation begins, press left Control again to cancel the slide
  4. Press the jump button (space bar by default) to stand back up
  5. Repeat

Warzone Slide Cancel: Best Slide Cancel Settings

The Warzone slide cancel technique can be made easier on a controller through a few changes to your settings. Using the Tactical Button Layout will swap your crouch button off of Circle/B and onto R3/RS. This will let you slide cancel without constantly taking your thumb off the right stick. If you have a controller with paddles, bind the jump button to one of the paddles. With this set-up, you will never have to take your thumb off of the aim stick.

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Both controller and mouse and keyboard players should look under the movement category and change Slide Behavior to Tap. This makes it so that you only need to tap rather than hold the crouch button/key to start and cancel a slide.

Finally, consider enabling auto Tactical Sprint. The standard setting forces players to press the sprint button/key once to sprint at a normal speed and twice to enter Tactical Sprint mode. Auto Tactical Sprint will make it so that you always Tactical Sprint automatically if it’s available.

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