How many people are playing Warzone in 2024? Season 4 player count revealed

How many people are playing Warzone in 2024? Season 4 player count revealed
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  • Thousands of players are still logging into Warzone every single day
  • The player numbers are trending slightly downwards compared to the start of the year

If you are curious about how the Warzone player count is doing with Season 4 now here, I've got a full rundown of the main facts and figures for you.

The Call of Duty battle royale offshoot is among the most popular in the genre, with the game seeing large numbers of players jumping on all the time. It's currently on its second version, which launched with MW3 in 2023, and while aspects like the best weapons have changed, has the player count changed much?

Warzone daily player count in Season 4

For a look at the daily player count, the best bet is to look at the figures, which show a daily average of 73,835 players over the past 30 days, with a peak player count of 133,356.

Warzone daily player count data
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These figures are down massively by around 15% compared to Season 3, which took place during April. That season saw plenty of new content added, including the anticipated return of Rebirth Island. However, Season 4 has launched with far fewer additions to Warzone in comparison to the Multiplayer mode. As such, it's likely some players are feeling left out.

I find Steam is the best gaming platform for tracking the concurrent player count of games, as the database allows anyone to track the exact numbers. Unfortunately, Battle Net, PlayStation, and Xbox do not disclose player data, so we can only look at the Steam data.

Due to MW2, MW3, and Warzone sharing the same Steam app, we also don't have an exact figure on the split between the three games.

Back in Warzone's (WZ2) release month of November 2022, the title saw a concurrent player count of 250,000 to 480,000.

Warzone monthly player count in Season 4

Warzone monthly player count data
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Pinpointing the exact player count of Warzone is impossible as Xbox, PlayStation, and Battle.Net do not release the data. However, we can get rough figures from - though these should be taken with a grain of salt.

According to the site, over the past 30 days there has been an average of 59 million players, with a daily peak of 16 million. These numbers are roughly the same as last month, with the playerbase remaining fairly stable.

Warzone Twitch viewership in Season 4

Warzone Twitch data for 2024
Click to enlarge gives us good insight into Warzone's streaming viewership, with the game having an average of 64,192 viewers over the past seven days, ranking as the 9th most-viewed game on Twitch - that's one position down from last month.

Warzone is always one of the higher-viewed games on the platform, which is largely down to the high number of channels that stream the game.

What is the all-time player count peak?

At its all-time peak on Steam in November, Warzone reached a staggering 488,897 concurrent player count.

It's safe to assume that significant numbers of players were playing through Battle.Net or on consoles, meaning the true number is likely much higher.

Is Warzone a dead game?

Whether Warzone and MW3 are dying is a question that's regularly asked by members of the community. While we can only go off Steam data, it is clear that WZ's player count is holding steady for now, which doesn't mean it's dying necessarily.

It's still one of the most-played games in the world, but the tumultuous release of Modern Warfare 3 does seem to have put some people off COD in general.

While these numbers constantly go up and down, it's relatively normal for a multiplayer game to see this type of volatility in its population.

It's also worth noting that Black Ops 6 is right around the corner, with a release promised for later this year. As excitement builds for the new game, the popularity of Warzone will likely fall off until the newer content is added.

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