How To Increase Bureaucracy In Victoria 3

How To Increase Bureaucracy In Victoria 3
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24th Oct 2022 17:00

You will need to know how to increase Bureaucracy in Victoria 3, as it's one of your most important resources for progressing your government and nation forward. Victoria 3 has a tonne of interconnecting systems, and once you first get going it can be quite overwhelming to learn. However, once you've wrapped your head around the basics of running a nation, you'll be a major power in no time. So check out our breakdown for how to increase Bureaucracy in Victoria 3

We also cover the rest of the Capacities and what they do:

How To Increase Bureaucracy In Victoria 3

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Bureaucracy is one of the three major Capacities in Victoria 3, which are measures of your country's overall capabilities. The Bureaucracy Capacity is specifically related to maintaining your nation's day-to-day operations and administrative cohesion, and is used for the upkeep of your population, states, Institutions, commanders, and trade routes. 

How To Increase Bureaucracy In Victoria 3
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While you begin with a base value of Bureaucracy, the main way of increasing it is through building and upgrading Government Administration buildings. These are urban building types which provide +50 Bureaucracy for each level, along with increased taxation capacity, but they require paper to maintain, so you'll want a steady balance of paper if you're looking to expand your admin buildings. 


If you have a surplus of Bureaucracy, it will increase the efficiency of constructing new buildings. If it slips into the negative, you will get a large penalty, so it's imperative to always make sure you have a positive output of Bureaucracy. This also ensures you can spend it during emergencies, such as establishing a trade route for an important good that you have a shortage of.

How To Increase Bureaucracy In Victoria 3 trait
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The only other method of improving your Bureaucracy is through the use of a specific trait. If the Petite Bourgeoisie interest group has a happiness of at least five, they will activate the Middle Managers trait, which gives a flat 10% boost to all your Bureaucracy output. This is a powerful trait to have activated, and if you're struggling to maintain a large amount of Bureaucracy, it may be worth appeasing their wants. 

That's all for our primer on how to increase Bureaucracy in Victoria 3, and now you should have an idea of how to maintain a positive Bureaucracy balance. 

You may also want to take a look at how to pass laws in Victoria 3, as you will need to have specific interest groups in power to pass certain laws. 

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