How Many Friends Can You Have In Pokemon GO?

How Many Friends Can You Have In Pokemon GO?
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Tarran Stockton


17th Jan 2023 10:17

You may want to know how many friends you can have in Pokemon GO, as the game is all about making social connections while exploring the real world and catching Pokemon. Pokemon GO released back in 2016 and was a massive success, with many saying it's the closest humanity has ever come to world peace.

While a tad hyperbolic, it genuinely did bring millions of people together over a shared love of Pokemon. So, if you're still playing over six years later, check out how many friends you can have in Pokemon GO.

How Many Friends Can You Have In Pokemon GO?

Currently, players can have a max of 400 friends on Pokemon GO, allowing you to build quite a big list of friends for trading Pokemon and defending your territory. Originally, the game capped out at 200 friends, which was more than enough for most people, however as the years went on, there were more benefits for being friends with other players and growing your friendship list.

For one, exchanging friend codes with other players that you meet while out and about allows you to get special rewards, meaning players would just group up and all add each other. Having someone on your friends list also adds attack bonuses in Raid groups, incentivising players to complete these challenges with other friends. Plus, higher friendship levels increase the bonus.

Lastly, another big bonus of friendships is gifts. You can claim up to 30 of these every day (so having 400 friends doesn't make much of a difference here) and they allow you to get extra Poke Balls, potions, revives, and more. Being social is essentially built into the DNA of Pokemon GO, so having friends only makes the experience better for you.

That's all for our answer to the question, how many friends can you have in Pokemon GO? Now you know the cap is currently 400, but we could see it rise even higher in the future.

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