How to get Hawlucha in Pokemon GO & can it be shiny?

How to get Hawlucha in Pokemon GO & can it be shiny?
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2nd Mar 2023 15:10

Pokemon GO has finally seen the introduction of Hawlucha, the bird-like Wrestling Pokemon hailing from the Kalos region. This Fighting and Flying-type first appeared in Pokemon X and Y during Generation 6. Of course, players are now wondering not only how to get it, but if a Shiny Hawlucha can be caught as well. Here is all you need to know in this Hawlucha Pokemon GO guide. 

Hawlucha Pokemon GO: How to get & can it be Shiny?

How to get Hawlucha in Pokemon GO

The Hawlucha Pokemon GO debut made the Pokemon available in the game as of 1 March. However, Hawlucha is currently a Mexico exclusive. 

Sadly, this means if you're anywhere else in the world other than Mexico, Hawlucha won't be available to you in Pokemon GO for now. If you want to get Hawlucha in Pokemon GO if you're in another country like the US or UK, you'll either have to literally go to Mexico yourself or get a friend there to trade one with you. 

It's very likely there will be a global Hawlucha Pokemon GO release further down the line, as has happened with regional exclusives in the past. In the meantime, we'll just have to wait. 

Is Shiny Hawlucha in Pokemon GO

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Unfortunately, there is currently no Shiny Hawlucha in Pokemon GO. After being introduced into the game, Pokemon GO additions usually won't have their Shiny versions introduced until being featured in major events like Community Days. 

If you'd like to check all of the current Shinies available, there is a comprehensive list of Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO made by LeekDuck

That's all you need to know with our Hawlucha Pokemon GO guide. For more on the game, take a look at how to send a postcard from Pokemon GO to Scarlet and Violet. As for the latest games, check out when you can play Pokemon Sleep

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