Halo Infinite Split-Screen: How To Play Split-Screen

Halo Infinite Split-Screen: How To Play Split-Screen
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19th Nov 2021 14:27

Curious about Halo Infinite split-screen? Halo titles have always been a haven for couch co-op. Nothing beats having a few friends over and slaying aliens together side by side. Nowadays, split-screen is largely deemed a forgotten pastime. But is it still possible to play Halo Infinite split-screen?

Does Halo Infinite Have Split-Screen?

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Yes, Halo Infinite is playable split-screen. However, it's not as quick and easy a set-up as you may remember it being in previous Halo titles...

How To Play Halo Infinite Split-Screen

To play Halo Infinite split-screen, everyone participating must have an Xbox account to log into. Guest accounts are not currently eligible for use in Halo Infinite.

Follow these steps to play split-screen in any multiplayer mode:

  1. Turn on a second Xbox controller. Make sure the controller is synced to your Xbox console.
  2. Press the Menu button on that controller.
  3. Log into a second Xbox account using the second controller. 
  4. The second player will be added to your Fireteam locally and automatically join you in any multiplayer mode that supports split-screen.

How Many Players Does Halo Infinite Split-Screen Support?

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The amount of friends you can play Halo Infinite split-screen with at once depends on which Xbox console you are using and which game mode you plan on playing.

Standard Xbox One consoles support split-screen for a maximum of two players.

On Xbox Series X|S consoles, up to four players can play split-screen in the eight-player game modes but only two players max can play split-screen in Big Team Battle.

343 Industries may make adjustments to these player limits sometime down the line, but for now, this is as far as the Halo Infinite split-screen support goes.

Can You Play Halo Infinite Split-Screen On PC?

Unfortunately, Halo Infinite does not currently support split-screen on PC. On Steam, you can only log in using one Microsoft account at a time. Therefore, it's not possible to complete the steps necessary to enable the split-screen feature.

However, the future implementation of split-screen on PC is not entirely out of the question. Halo Infinite is still in beta, so it's possible that the full release will bring with it an update that makes split-screen more accessible. After all, co-op on the Halo Infinite campaign has been delayed until 2022, possibly to give the developers time to perfect split-screen?

That's about all there is to know about the current state of Halo Infinite split-screen. Now, go ahead and phone some friends and schedule a Halo Infinite split-screen game night — just like the old days.


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