Halo Infinite The Tower Collectibles

Halo Infinite The Tower Collectibles
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15th Dec 2021 10:25

Looking for the Halo Infinite The Tower collectibles? The Tower is the first missions you can take part in after unlocking the open-world area of Zeta Halo, and requires Master Chief to go attack an outpost ran by a sinister Elite. There are a lot of collectibles for this mission, and they're all quite close to one another, so here's our guide on the Halo Infinite The Tower collectibles.

Halo Infinite The Tower Collectibles Locations

The Tower has a total of six collectibles, making it the most dense for collectibles so far in the story. It's also worth mentioning, every item can be collected after you complete the mission, so don't worry if you didn't collect everything the first time. The collectibles are:

  • 1 UNSC Audio Log
  • 1 Banished Audio Log
  • 1 Mjolnir Locker
  • 1 Skull
  • 2 Spartan Cores

Banished Audio Log

Halo Infinite The Tower Banished Audio Log
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Once you enter the compound for The Tower, but before entering the actual Tower, if you stick to the right while approaching the gravity lift, you'll eventually come a large container with supplies in and the orange glow of the Banished Audio Log.

Spartan Core 1

Halo Infinite The Tower Spartan Core 1
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After finding the previous collectible, if you carry on in the same direction (approaching the gravity lift but sticking to the right) you'll come across a walkway above. Carry on underneath, and you'll find more large containers, with the furthest one holding a Spartan Core. 

Mjolnir Locker

Halo Infinite The Tower Mjolnir Locker
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At the far side of the complex, next to the cliffs and past the gravity lift, is a landing pad. Underneath the landing pad and nestled on the cliffs below is the next collectible.

UNSC Audio Log

Halo Infinite The Tower UNSC Audio Log
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It's time to enter The Tower itself for the next two collectibles. After navigating the hallways and climbing the first two sets of stairs, if you stick to the right, you'll come across some small pillars. Behind one of them you can find the Audio Log.

Spartan Core 2

Halo Infinite The Tower Spartan Core 2
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This next collectible is another set of stairs up after the previous one. Following the corridor forward will take you to a bunch of containers blocking the walkway, and situated on the right is the next Spartan Core.


Halo Infinite The Tower Skull
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This collectible can be a bit of a chore to get to, and requires you to climb to the very top of the outside of the tower. This is easiest if you have some Grapple Shot upgrades that reduce the cooldown, or a flying vehicle. Essentially, you'll want to grapple up the outside of the tower, and the skull can be found at the top next to an Easter egg.

Those are the Halo Infinite The Tower collectibles. Don't forget to look at our guides for the other missions too:

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