Halo Infinite player count on Xbox & PC for May 2024

Halo Infinite player count on Xbox & PC for May 2024
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  • The Halo Infinite player count is dwindling on Steam, but is much higher on Xbox
  • New live service content is still being released for Halo Infinite

While Halo Infinite had a fantastic start to its life in 2021 with decent reviews, it's been a tough road since then for the player base. A slow drip-feed of lacklustre content has led many players to believe that this is a game on life support, with no real hope for its future.

That said, there's been life at the end of the tunnel for Halo Infinite, with a few well-regarded updates occasionally breathing life into the latest version of Xbox's classic shooter franchise. The question is, how does the player count currently fare in 2024?

Player count on PC

According to SteamCharts, Halo Infinite currently sees a 24-hour peak of 5,591 players. On average, that evens out to around 3,300 players at any one time over a month.

In comparison to other shooters on the market, such as THE FINALS, Battlefield 2042, or Call of Duty, these numbers are vastly lower. The numbers have been trending downward, too. March 2024 saw an average daily player count of 4.2k players, so it appears that the number of people playing Halo Infinite is shrinking.

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However, these numbers are just for Steam. Halo Infinite is also available on PC via Xbox Game Pass, and it's not currently possible to track the number of players who use that service. What's more, Halo Infinite is crossplay with the Xbox counterpart, so the pool of players you can join matches with is actually much larger than just those on Steam.

When I've loaded up Halo Infinite recently on Steam, I've never found it too tricky to find a match, as there are always enough people online to fill a lobby.

What about player numbers on Xbox?

Master Chief running alongside a Warthog in Halo Infinite
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As I mentioned above, there aren't any reliable ways to track Halo Infinite player numbers across console, especially given plenty of Xbox users utilise Xbox Game Pass.

However, an estimate from ActivePlayer.io reckons that Halo Infinite currently enjoys an average of 500,000 players each month. That's a lot higher than the total number of players on Steam, so we can assume that there are a lot more players accessing Halo Infinite via Xbox Game Pass than we might think.

According to statista.com, the number of Xbox Live users has increased dramatically in recent years, likely due to the success of Game Pass and the Xbox Series S. With over 120 million active users, the service has never been more popular. Furthermore, Halo Infinite is currently the 15th most popular game on Xbox, according to Microsoft,

Is Halo Infinite a dead game?

Judging from the player numbers above, Halo Infinite isn't quite a dead game just yet. Of course, this is down to personal perception, but I usually judge whether a game is dead by these criteria:

  • Are there enough players to host a match without long queue times?
  • Is new content being released for the game?

As it stands, it's currently very easy to find a match of Halo Infinite, as the crossplay functionality means there's always a group of players to match up with.

In terms of new content, the team at 343 is still supporting the game with regular updates. Just this week, the Banished Honor Operation was released as a free update, which added new cosmetics, challenges, and gameplay tuning adjustments to the game. The event is set to run until June 4, so there's at least new content scheduled up until the middle of 2024.

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That's everything you need to know about the current player count for Halo Infinite in May 2024. For more helpful Halo Infinite guides, keep reading GGRecon. We've also covered if the Master Chief Collection is playable on Steam Deck, when the weekly challenges reset, and whether it has a co-op campaign.

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