Best Halo Infinite Forge Maps

Best Halo Infinite Forge Maps
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2nd Jan 2023 12:03

Are you looking to test-drive some of the best Halo Infinite Forge maps? Forge Mode lets players' imaginations run free and offers near-endless possibilities for what fun and creative maps and modes the Halo Infinite community can design. So, if you want to see what the brand-new Forge Mode is capable of, head to Custom Games and give these best Halo Infinite Forge maps a try!

Best Halo Infinite Forge Maps: Duck Run

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Duck Run is a brand-new iteration of the popular Duck Hunt Custom Game made famous in Halo 3. In Duck Run, the Ducks must navigate their way through an obstacle course while a Hunter sits perched with a Sniper Rifle and aims to eliminate all the Ducks.

Download Duck Run here.

Best Halo Infinite Forge Maps: Uneeq | Lockout

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A beautiful one-to-one remake of the iconic Lockout map from Halo 2. Take a trip back in time and let the nostalgia flow.

Download Uneeq | Lockout here.

Best Halo Infinite Forge Maps: Spicy Sumo Bowl

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In Spicy Sumo Bowl, aim to be the last driver standing as you steer Warthogs around an ever-shrinking play area. The challenge comes from avoiding Kill Balls and sabotage attempts from other players.

Download Spicy Sumo Bowl here.

Best Halo Infinite Forge Maps: Squid Game: RedLight GreenLight

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Squid Game's deadly variant of Red Light, Green Light certainly left an impact on its participants and spectators, and now you can play it first-hand thanks to Halo Infinite's Forge Mode.

Download Squid Game: RedLight GreenLight here.

Best Halo Infinite Forge Maps: LG Jump Progression (Parkour)

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Parkour maps are a laid-back way to spend time with friends on Halo Infinite, and LG Jump Progression is one of the best available. In LG Jump Progression, you will need to utilise  Curves, Slides, Ramps, Curb Slides, Chain Slides, and Equipment Jumps to complete the course and claim the record time!

Download LG Jump Progression (Parkour) here.

Best Halo Infinite Forge Maps: Guardian — Flaco Remake

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Another stunning remake of one of Halo's all-time fan-favourite maps, Guardian — Flaco Remake is a faithful recreation of Guardian from Halo 3.

Download Guardian — Flaco Remake here.

Best Halo Infinite Forge Maps: Uber Octagon

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Custom Game vets are probably familiar with Octagon, an octagon-shaped arena designed to offer non-stop action and a perfect way to warm up before a session of Halo. While the concept is simple, Uber Octagon is an aesthetically pleasing throwback.

Download Uber Octagon here.

Best Halo Infinite Forge Maps: Hex-A-Gone

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Halo Infinite meets Fall Guys in this Forge map inspired by one of Fall Guys' most popular Final Rounds. Floor pieces fall away when you stand on them, so you'll have to move quickly and tactically to stay alive and avoid the lava.

Download Hex-A-Gone here.

Best Halo Infinite Forge Maps: Trash Compactor

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A reimagining of one of Halo 3's most admired Custom Games, Trash Compactor places players in a narrow hallway with the goal of pushing forward and being the first to reach the end. However, this won't be an easy task, as all sorts of objects like Mongooses, Fusion Coils, crates, and balls will be travelling towards you at deadly speeds.

Download Trash Compactor here.

Best Halo Infinite Forge Maps: Into The Mist

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Looking for something a bit spooky? Into The Mist takes place in an eerie forest with so much fog you can barely see what's in front of you. This is an excellent Free-For-All or Infection map with the fog adding a creepy twist.

Download Into The Mist here.

There you have it — ten of the best Halo Infinite Forge maps. Download these gems off and try them out with friends in Custom Games!

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