Halo Infinite Roadmap: Fall 2022

Halo Infinite Roadmap: Fall 2022
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5th Sep 2022 15:25

The Halo Infinite Roadmap for Fall/Winter of 2022 outlines 343 Industries' plans for Halo up until late June 2023. Roadmaps are a great way to let players and fans know what the vision for Halo Infinite is going forward. There's a lot to cover, so let's get into the Fall/Winter 2022 Halo Infinite Roadmap.

Halo Infinite Roadmap: Winter Update

The Halo Infinite Winter Update is scheduled to kick off on November 8 and last until March 7. Below is a list of what players have to look forward to:

Halo Infinite Roadmap: Forge Beta

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Forge, historically a critical component of Halo, has been absent since Halo Infinite's initial release. Well,343 states in the recent Halo Infinite Roadmap announcement that the Winter Update will welcome the Forge Beta.

Halo Infinite Roadmap: Campaign Co-op

Players have endured a slew of negative campaign co-op-related news announcements as of late — like the declaration that the Halo Infinite split-screen co-op got axed combined with yet another delay to Halo Infinite campaign network co-op. However, it appears that on the bright side, we may finally have a reliable release date to look forward to. The Halo Infinite Roadmap claims that Halo Infinite campaign co-op, plus the Mission Replay system, will be released with the Winter Update.

Halo Infinite Roadmap: Free 30 Tier Battle Pass

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To bide time between Season 2 and Season 3 there will be a free 30 Tier Battle Pass available throughout the Halo Infinite Winter Update.

Halo Infinite Roadmap: New Maps And Modes

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Look out for two new maps in the Winter Update — Argyle and Detachment. Both of these maps were designed in Halo Infinite's Forge Mode. Halo Infinite's Head of Creative, Joseph Staten, described Argyle as a larger 4v4 arena meant to support stealthy playstyles. Detachment, on the other hand, is developed primarily for Capture the Flag and is the first Halo Infinite map to feature a teleporter.

Speaking of Capture the Flag, a new game mode, Covert One Flag, will accompany Argyle and Detachment in the Winter Update.

Halo Infinite Roadmap: New Events

To keep you busy throughout the winter months, Halo Infinite is introducing the Winter Contingency II event in December and the Joint Fire event in January.

Halo Infinite Roadmap: Season 3: Echos Within

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Following the Winter Update, Halo Infinite will drive right into Season 3: Echos Within. Season 3 of Halo Infinite will go live on March 7 and run until June 27. Below, you'll find a list of what 343 has in store for Season 3:

Halo Infinite Roadmap: New Weapon And Equipment

Headlining Season 3: Echos Within is a brand-new weapon and equipment. The M392 Bandit is a semi-automatic, mid-range rifle reminiscent of the DMR from Halo Reach, Halo 4, and Halo 5. As for equipment, Shroud Screen deploys a bubble of smoke around the user, concealing everything inside from glaring eyes.

Halo Infinite Roadmap: New Maps And Modes

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Season 3: Echos Within introduces two more maps: one for Arena and one for Big Team Battle. Also, VIP and Escalation add to the list of game types available in Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite Roadmap: New 100 Tier Battle Pass

A full-fledged 100 Tier Battle Pass with dozens of cosmetics to unlock will be available in Season 3: Echos Within.

Halo Infinite Roadmap: Custom Game Browser

Season 3: Echos Within will introduce a Custom Game Browser to compliment the Forge Beta. The Custom Game Browser will bring the Forge experience to the next level, allowing Halo Infinite players to scan through a list of user-hosted custom games and freely join in on action-packed lobbies.

Halo Infinite Roadmap: In-Game Reporting

Right now, it's not possible to report misbehaving players in-game. Instead, you must go through a tedious process online using Halo Waypoint. With Season 3: Echos Within, Halo Infinite players can finally report suspected wrongdoers directly through the in-game menus.

Halo Infinite Roadmap: New Events

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Wrapping up the Halo Infinite September 2022 Roadmap, Season 3: Echos Within will grace us with a new Fracture event and a new Narrative event.

As always, the Halo Infinite Roadmap is subject to change. We take no pleasure in mentioning this, but it's not a secret that 343 Industries is no stranger to missing deadlines. But for now, the contents above sum up everything set to release in Halo Infinite over the coming months.

Has the Halo Infinite Roadmap convinced you to get back into Halo Infinite? If so, give yourself a refresher and review our Halo Infinite Multiplayer tips.

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