Halo Infinite Insider Update Needed Fix

Halo Infinite Insider Update Needed Fix
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Tarran Stockton


21st Jul 2022 12:26

You will need to know the Halo Infinite Insider update needed fix, as it's a common issue that seems to pop up every time there is a new flight test for Halo. The Halo Infinite Insider program is back, and this time participants can take part in tests for the campaign's cooperative mode, which supports up to four players at once. Once again, the Halo Infinite Insider update needed issue is present, so read on for a way of fixing it so you can take part in the flight test. 

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Halo Infinite Insider Update Needed Fix 

The Halo Infinite Insider update needed issue has been a recurring problem for players taking part in the Halo Infinite flight tests since they first began, but the issue only seems to affect players on Xbox consoles. The problem occurs when players download and get ready to launch the Halo Infinite Insider app on their console, as after they select it, an error message pops up that says "update needed - you need this update, but we can't get it right now. Try again in a while. (0x8b050033)." 


Players who run into this issue are basically stuck, as they can't progress into the app, and the download just will not start. While 343 Industries or Microsoft are yet to deploy an actual fix that stops this from happening (even after a whole year of it occurring), there is a workaround that deals with the problem. Here's how to fix the update needed bug:

  • Press the Xbox button at the centre of your Xbox controller. 
  • Go to the "profile & system" tab, then select Settings.
  • Select "power mode & start-up," and then click "full shut-down."
  • Turn your console back on, and the issue should be fixed.

This method completely turns your console off so you can reactivate it, instead of just sleeping it and keeping some processes in the background. 

That's our breakdown of how to fix the Halo Infinite Insider update needed bug, and now you know a workaround for the current and future flight tests.

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