Halo Infinite Steaktacular: How To Earn The Steaktacular Medal

Halo Infinite Steaktacular: How To Earn The Steaktacular Medal
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Tarran Stockton


3rd Jan 2022 10:51

The Halo Infinite Steaktacular medal is a returning element from some of the previous entries. One of the standout features of Halo multiplayer are the medals, which unlock when you perform certain tasks, noted by their appearance on-screen along with the announcer repeating the medal name. One of the more elusive medals that players are seeking is the Halo Infinite Steaktacular medal, so here's our breakdown of what it is and how to acquire it. 

Halo Infinite Steaktacular Medal: What Is It?

Halo Infinite Steaktacular
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The Steaktacular medal's origins can be found in Halo 3, where it was introduced after a bet between two of the game's developers. It also returned in Halo Reach, before the medal disappeared from the franchise for a while, eventually being brought back for the latest entry - Halo Infinite. The criteria for earning the medal also changed up during its hiatus from the previous two games.

Halo Infinite Steaktacular Medal: How To Get It

To earn the Halo Infinite Steaktacular medal, players must essentially dominate the opposing team in Slayer so much that you outscore them by at least 60%. This can make it quite hard to earn usually, but there are some ways to make it easier.

Playing with a premade team will improve your chances, as you should have the communication advantage over the enemies. Playing together as a unit should also stop your team from dying as much and earn you more kills, increasing the chance of outscoring the enemy by 60%.

The new Slayer-only playlist has also made getting the medal a little easier, as you don't need to hope for the mode to appear in Quick Play anymore. The key to earning the Halo Infinite Steaktacular medal is patience, and as long you continue to play the multiplayer, the likelihood is you will earn it at some point. Once it's been unlocked, the announcer will say 'Steaktacular' as the game ends.

That's our rundown of the Halo Infinite Steaktacular medal in multiplayer, and you should be able to earn it in no time. We also have guides on the Halo Infinite Mythic Medal, along with the Halo Infinite Killing Spree if you need more information on the medals. 


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