Fortnitemares Callout 2022: Create An Island To Be Featured During Fortnite's Halloween Event

Fortnitemares Callout 2022: Create An Island To Be Featured During Fortnite's Halloween Event
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11th Aug 2022 10:08

The Fortnitemares Callout is a special Fortnite contest where winners will have their submissions featured in Discover during Fortnitemares 2022. Spooky season is an exciting time of year, and Epic Games wants to ensure all sorts of seasonal Fortnite fun is available for players to get into when the time comes. So, if you think you have what it takes to create a design that'll strike fear in players across the globe, you won't want to miss the Fortnitemares Callout.

Fortnitemares Callout: Guidelines, Criteria, And Tips

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Here are all of the guidelines, criteria, and tips in relation to the Fortnightmares Callout:

  • Your Fortnitemares island submission needs to be straightforward and easy to understand. Fortnitemares is always ripe with new and returning players, so the experience mustn't be too complicated or confusing.

  • Epic Games wants the Fortnitemares Callout submissions to take advantage of the new Creative Mode devices added to Fortnite in 2022. For example, entries that feature the Prop Manipulator or Level Instance device will get bonus points. Try to consider the new gameplay mechanics too, such as tactical sprinting, sliding, and mantling, as these abilities open up a whole new world of possibilities in how you design an island.

  • While combat and eliminations should not be the focus of Fortnitemares islands, if you do include it, be careful that it's done creatively. Whether it's hordes of zombies chasing down players or the Storm capturing stragglers that get lost, find a way to maximise the suspense.

  • Fear comes in many forms, so make sure your Fortnitemares Callout entry induces it in a unique and original way! Haunted Houses and labyrinth-like mazes are clichés. Epic Games wants innovators, so use your imagination to design a terrifying experience in a manner that hasn't been done before.

  • Need inspiration? Check out the best Fortnite Escape Room codes — scary options included.

Fortnitemares Callout: How To Submit

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Epic Games isn't accepting Fortnitemares Callout submissions just yet. This announcement was a notice of the impending contest and a call for creators to begin work on their spooky designs. The FNCreate Twitter account will tweet out when it's time to send in your islands for review.


While you can't send in any submissions at this stage, it's important to review the following rules before attempting to participate in the Fortnitemares Callout:

  • Only one island submission per creator will be accepted.
  • Each island submission requires a video overview.
  • All submission videos must include a fly-through of the whole island, plus a round of gameplay.
  • No existing islands — only submissions published during the callout period will be eligible.
  • Riveting promotional trailers that highlight the vibe of your island are encouraged but not necessary. However, submission overview videos are required.

That's everything you need to know before you invest your time and energy into a Fortnitemares Callout submission. Keep your eyes peeled on the FNCreate Twitter account for the go-ahead to submit your horrifying island design. Best of luck, and if all works out, we'll see your creation featured in Discover later in 2022!

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