Fortnite X Dragon Ball Super: Everything You Need To Know

Fortnite X Dragon Ball Super: Everything You Need To Know
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Coleman Hamstead


31st Jan 2023 15:48

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super marks the return of Dragon Ball to Fortnite. This time, the stars of the Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO movie are here to leave their imprint on Fortnite. Let's review everything that the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super collaboration has to offer.

Fortnite X Dragon Ball Super: Son Gohan And Piccolo Skins

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Headlining the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super collaboration is Skins for Son Gohan and Piccolo.

The Son Gohan Outfit comes with the built-in Gohan’s Charging Up Emote that allows Son Gohan to switch to his Super Saiyan Style mid-match. Also exclusive to the Son Gohan Skin is Gohan's Cape Back Bling.

Other Son Gohan-themed accessories available in this crossover include the Reactive Gohan's Beast Axe Pickaxe and the Capsule No. 576 Glider.

On Piccolo's side, the Piccolo Skin includes the built-in Charging Up Emote to transform Piccolo to the Power Awakening Style. Capping off the Outfit, the Piccolo Skin comes with Piccolo's Cape and Turban Back Bling and Piccolo's Demon Symbol Back Bling too.

For accessories, Piccolo fans can grab Piccolo's Handheld House Pickaxe and the Red Ribbon Army Aircraft Glider from the Shop.

Finally, as a bonus, Fortnite players that purchase either the Son Gohan Bundle or the Piccolo Bundle will get the exclusive Gohan & Piccolo Loading Screen.

Expect to find returning favourites from the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z collaboration available in the Item Shop in the near future.

Fortnite X Dragon Ball Super: Kamehameha And Nimbus Cloud Return

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The Fortnite Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud Mythics are both back for a limited time, thanks to the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super crossover. Look for these items to fall from the sky in capsules throughout Battle Royale and Zero Build matches. Capsules will drop more frequently as the Storm closes in, increasing the likelihood that you encounter these powerful Mythics as the match progresses.

The Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud Mythics will remain in Fortnite until v23.40.

Fortnite X Dragon Ball Super: Dragon Ball Adventure Island Returns

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Venture back to Dragon Ball Adventure Island while the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super is active to unlock more free goodies. Beginning January 31, 2023, at 2pm GMT, Fortnite players can complete a Dragon Ball-themed Weekly Quest on Dragon Ball Adventure Island to receive the Gohan Beast Spray. Complete another Weekly Quest starting February 7 to get the Orange Piccolo Spray.

To get to Dragon Ball Adventure Island, find it on the Discover screen or input the Island Code: 5642-8525-5429.

Gameplay-wise, the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super collaboration doesn't offer anything different from the last Dragon Ball crossover. But if it's cosmetics you're after, the Son Gohan and Piccolo Skins will serve as wonderful additions to your Fortnite Locker!

Dragon Ball returning to Fortnite likely means that Deku's Smash from the Fortnite x My Hero Academia crossover is heading to the vault.

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